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It is the duty of all men & women of all colors to be individual leaders in their communities.


Terry McMooreWhile everyone is still waiting for the second coming of a Dr. King I prefer to believe that gone are the days of one single leader in our community. I like to believe that there are many leaders sprinkled throughout the Black community. It is the duty of all men & women of all colors to be individual leaders in their communities.

I have learned that the media giveth and the media taketh away. The above mentioned philosophy and quote was offered up to the media but I guess it did not make the editors’ final cut this time and I can live with that. I will also have to live with Mayor Piper as our leader for the next four years and again I can deal with that.

The Mayor is an excellent spin master he took a simple press release opposing the appointment of interim Deputy Police Chief Frankie Gray written by yours truly, and spun it to make the whole community believe I was a disgruntled Black leader. Touché Mr. Mayor, Touché.

During Piper’s first term former Chief of Police Lavoyed Hudgins conducted a “city wide drug sweep” netting 44 alleged black drug dealers and one white. A Federal judge later drops charges, Chief Hudgins resigns. Piper later appoints Mark Smith as new Chief of Police and well, you know the story.

The moral of this opinion is, if you use the same rubber stamp committee method to pick a new Chief of Police you are going to get another controversial Chief of Police. The lawsuits will continue with a tax hike just around the corner. Hail to the King.

Terry McMoore,

Community Leader & Activist


Opinion, Politics



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