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Unlit Eternal Flame dishonors all veterans


Once again the eternal flame is unlitSaturday was the fifth anniversary of the launch of the invasion of Iraq. Since the 2003 invasion America has suffered the grievous loss of some of it’s best, brightest, and most patriotic citizens. As I noted just a few days ago, the casualties of this war had reached 3987; 84 of those were from Tennessee, 4 from Clarksville.

As many of you know, I have in the past written articles strongly disagreeing with the Iraq war. I still oppose it and will continue to protest until it is finally ended, and the last American soldier has safely returned home. Now that we have made that clear, I must make something else clear.

 I have nothing but the highest respect for the dedication and the totality of the sacrifices that the soldiers serving our country make. As someone who has served in the military I understand that those who serve in our military are not granted the privilege of being able to cast a moral judgment about the legitimacy of the wars they are ordered to fight, and they share none of the blame so richly deserved by those who intentionally lied us into this conflict.

So on Saturday around dusk I went to Public Square in downtown Clarksville Tennessee in order to conduct what amounted to a one person vigil honoring those lives which have been lost in this unjust and immoral war in Iraq. I said my silent prayers for the souls of those no longer with us, and my continuing prayer for the safe return of those who are still in harms way.

After I was finished, I went for my camera. It is frequently said that a picture speaks a thousand words, so I will let the picture I took speak loud and clear, “Someone has a lot to answer for!” Fuel the flame; honor our soldiers.

Building foundations: A lifetime process


charles-light-in-trees.jpgInstructions, prescriptions and specifications for a self-satisfying and successful life can be found in numerous sources including psychological books, television programs, charitable organizations, an avalanche of self-help books and in the scriptures of faith and religion in our society.

One pedagogical story credited to Jesus recently the devotional in The Upper Room [2.22.07] from Matthew’s Gospel. Paraphrasing it , Harold, the author, said:

“Jesus tells the story of two men who built their homes on different foundations. When the storms and floods came, the house built on rock stood solid. The other one, built on a foundation of sand, was swept down the river with the flood.”

In the Clarksville/Montgomery County community we see new housing springing up like the flowers in May. The housing market, though slow for the seller, is still on the move. Surprisingly, new houses are the same prices as pre-owned. Whatever the age of the home, I currently wish I had a larger house and yard. It would required to have a foundation that passed rigorous standards for safety and durability. These standards are rigorously enforced, since we rarely hear of a defective foundation, except when there is a sinkhole. «Read the rest of this article»

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