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A review of “The Rising of Black America with the Assistance of White America”


Author James A. Hudson will be holding a book reading at Hastings Books on April 3rd from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. He will also be signing copies of his books for attendees.

The rising of Black America with the Assistance of White America

Recently I had the opportunity to review a book, entitled, “The Rising of Black America with the Assistance of White America”, by James A Hudson.

My first opinion of the book was that it was to opinionated and lacked substance. My bias was due to how the author categorized the black community in the acknowledgment section of the book.

As I continued to read, my interest began to grow. My biases melted towards the writing style of the author and my views of his focus became more vivid.

To me, the book focus was fair and its suppositions are relevant to the content of the subject matter. Focusing on the struggles of the African American, the material presented was found to be close to the way I witnessed the treatment of blacks in the 1960s.

In those days, education wasn’t deemed as a required element for the success of members of the black community. Schools that were in existence were mediocre at best consisting of hand me down books with classes held in inadequate facilities.

The author rightly credits the actions of reputable Caucasian advocates for the abolishment of slavery. He also admonished us to take ownership of our destinations. As citizens of the United States of America, we have an inherent responsibility to set standards high, if we are to take our rightful places in the hierarchy of America.

The writer further challenged each of us, the elders, to set standards and take ownership of our youth. He alluded to the mannerisms they have taken in regards to personal responsibilities for their own actions. He also pointed out their lack of focus in today’s society.

As stated by the author, education in the key to the beginning of leveling the societal playing fields. It has been a little over 50 years since the passing of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1965. Laws written that makes it illegal to deny education to citizens of the United States of America, citizens of color in particular.

Education is the proverbial key to success to matriculate into today’s societal sphere. As an African American, I strongly recommend that all who can, read the book to gain insight, realign focus, and make this country a better place to reside for all citizens.

Coming of Age Book Details how Black America is Gaining Ground Thanks to White American Men and Women.

Synopsis from the Publisher

“The Rising of Black America with the Assistance of White America”

Is a documentary on the achievement, or the lack thereof, of Black Americans from Emancipation through the Civil War, to the Reconstruction era and up to the year 2009.

The author recognizes many blacks that made significant progress for themselves, their race, and the contributions they made to this nation. Those who are lagging behind motivational encouragement are given to them in terms of lifting themselves up by the bootstraps. The reason behind the lagging, dispossession, and lack of progress varies. In any event, society should be blame for their plight.

In terms of history, a fundamental but necessary historical account of black people in places such as the Caribbean Islands, Central and South America, and those in Europe is presented. For example, there are Negroes in Spain, Portugal and France etc that many black Americans aren’t aware of. It’s necessary, then, to bring these to their attention.

Many white Americans have assisted blacks to rise, and many are currently assisting them to rise to higher level. Thanks to them, they came to their aide in their times of need. And as such, they haven’t been forgotten. Emphasis is placed on them throughout the book.

Black Americans are slowly rising in terms of wealth, fame and power. However, far too many of the less fortunate are still at the poverty line and below it. Every black Americans should have been enjoying middleclass status considering the wealth that the institution of slavery has generated from their ancestors, through slavery.

Due to this fact, I am advocating reparation for every black Americans who’s ancestors blood sweat and tears were shed to made this nation great. They deserved it and everyone will agree. There are several ways in which reparations can be made which include but is not limited to monetary relieve, educational grant at the college level, training and promoting, are all of the above.

In terms of priority, black Americans should be given priority over and above all other minorities. After all, it was their ancestors that supplied the free labor that made this nation the riches nation on earth. For years, other minorities are unfairly competing with black Americans for jobs, housing etc, and this is wrong. I firmly believed that society should put and end to this right away.

White Americans have a duty, responsibility, and obligation to assist black Americans to rise to higher level; the level they should have been long ago. And so the book is dedicated to the lifting up of black Americans.

The topics presented are some of the issues covered in the book. You are encouraged; therefore, to read the book, “The Rising of Black Americans with the Assistance of White America.” You will find it very informative and interesting!

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ISBN: 978-1-60860-142-4 / SKU: 1-60860-142-11

About the Author:

James Hudson is a US citizen of Jamaican descent. He lived and worked in the state of California, with the County government, for many years before recently relocating to Clarksville, Tennessee. James has another book in the making which will be called “Halting the Decline of the United States and Restoring its Power”.

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One Response to “A review of “The Rising of Black America with the Assistance of White America””

  1. Rev. George Brooks Says:
    March 29th, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    James Hudson and Jimmie Garland, don’t give too much credit to white America for helping black folks. Because if the good and bad deeds of whites were to be put on a scale, EVERY black person down through the ages knows that the bad would win by a landslide. Even most of those whites that were helpful, had to be told, at some point, that they had to let go so that the blacks could then think and do for themselves. This was the case with Frederick Douglass vs. the abolitionists, as well as John Russwurm and Rev. Samuel Cornish of the first black newspaper, Freedom’s Journal. In fact, whites are still trying to dominate and boss blacks and EVERYTHING that we have. So Hudson needs to write about Marcus Garvey, a truly independent black man, and from his native Jamaica. — Rev. George Brooks


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