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The day after


Hank BonecutterWell the votes are in.  The people have spoken.  On a national level, it appears we’ll have four more years of economic struggle, attacks on the middle class, a health care system that is a disaster, and a national defense strategy that is virtually non-existent.

But the people have spoken.  That’s what makes this country great.  At least we get to vote, whether we like the outcome or not. I respect the will of the people.  We don’t always get our way and all of us find that very difficult to deal with.

Locally, Clarksville has also decided that they like the direction our city is going.  Not one single incumbent councilman was unseated.   Ward 4 councilman Wallace Red was the only councilman that was at risk of losing his seat.  He “squeaked out” a win by only 165 votes.

The hotly contested Ward 9 race went to incumbent Joel Wallace.  The only real challenge came from business owner Jeff Robinson.  The other two candidates were virtually “non-existent.”   Even if it was just a two man race, Wallace vs. Robinson, I don’t think the outcome would have been any different.   I like both men.  I can see where it would be easy to “like” one over the other.  None of the controversies surrounding that race appeared to matter to the voters.   None of the issues raised by Robinson seemed to strike a chord with voters.

And so it goes.

The only change this community wanted was in the state senate.  Mark Green handily beat incumbent Tim Barnes.  I thought Barnes did a good job during his first term in office.  No controversy, no headlines, nothing that would come back to haunt him come re-election.  But when Dr. Mark Green announced he was running, it became clear that the Republican party thought Barnes was beatable, and the people agreed.  I think that Barnes’ media campaign and attack ads is what really did him in.  People found that to be “uncharacteristic” of Barnes.  The “tone” of the attack just didn’t fit his personality, and wedging our local hospital into the campaign didn’t do Barnes any favors.

I think the real challenge we face falls squarely in the lap of the citizens.  I’ve been encouraging the citizens of our community to get more involved in what goes on in city/county politics.  To take notice of how public officials conduct themselves, how they spend our money, what their agenda is.

Now, we have a real challenge before us.  Can we come together as a community?  Can we come together as a country?  I think it’s imperative that we all find a way to “reach across the aisle” and do what’s best for all of us.  We can only hope that our elected representatives have OUR best interests at heart, and we all quit playing “favorites.”

Only time will tell.

About Hank Bonecutter

    Hank Bonecutter

    Hank Bonecutter is a forty year broadcast veteran and former radio station owner. His career included, talk-show host, journalist, writer, and producer.  He is president of Bonehead Promotions, an advertising consulting and media firm. He is the owner of and, and is a contributing author/journalist for Clarksville Online.

    Hank worked at several Nashville radio stations, including WKDF, WLAC, WKQB and WKDA.

    He hosted and produced Clarksville’s longest running morning talk-show, “The Bone Show,” from 1994-2012.

    Hank is also a stand-up comedian, having performed at some of the top comedy clubs in Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia.

    Hank produced a series of stand-up comedy shows, “Comedy on the Cumberland, ” in Clarksville to benefit local charities.

    You can follow Hank on Facebook and Twitter, @bonecutter01 and @boneheadnews.

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