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SSF Submission Academy building a dynasty


SSF Submission Academy

Clarksville, TN – Slowly making a name for itself, Clarksville’s own SSF Submission Academy is building a dynasty.  In just over five years, SSF has managed to take fighters to the UFC several times as well as BoDog, Strikeforce, M-1, Sengoku and more.  SSF has in the past couple of months, signed multi-fight deals for Nate Landwehr, and Matt Pellino.  Nate’s fights with the XFC will air on AXStv and Matt’s will be on pay per view with Asia’s largest MMA promotion, OncFC.

When asked about the great success that SSF Submission Academy has had, owner and manager Ron Dayley just laughs and said “there is no secret to building a solid team of fighters” he said that “SSF has great trainers and managers that know the fight game and can give one on one attention to our students to ensure that they succeed “.  Mr. Dayley goes on to say that “bigger fight factories don’t care about you unless you are already a top level superstar, we at SSF want to turn every one of our fighters into superstars”.

SSF Submission Academy has been award the MMA Gym of the Year award by and has won several Legends awards from the city of Clarksville, TN.  Dayley said that he enjoys being in a smaller town rather then the craziness of a larger city like Nashville where overhead is so high that he couldn’t afford to train people without charging an arm and a leg.  Dayley is looking for sponsors in order to turn his gym into a non-profit and train people that normally couldn’t afford a gym membership.

When asked about the desire to train the less fortunate he says “it’s ridiculous what some gyms charge, how can a family afford to pay what these mega gyms self inflated, self worth and ego value their services at?”.

SSF Submission Academy can be reached at 931.249.6598 or on their website

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