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City of Clarksville Human Resources Director arrested for filing false report


Montgomery County Sheriff's Office - MCSOClarksville, TN - In a story first reported at our Clarksville Online Facebook page Saturday, Will Wyatt, who is the Human Resources Director for the city of Clarksville, was arrested over the weekend by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s department on charges of filing a false report.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, deputies were dispatched to a stolen vehicle call at 4120 Lena Court.  The suspect, William Benjamin Wyatt, told deputies that at approximately 1:30am his truck had slid off the road due to the ice on the road and came to rest in a ditch in the vicinity of 344 Mobley Road.  Wyatt initially stated to deputies that he had gotten a ride to his house, “From some guy in a red truck.”

William Benjamin Wyatt

Wyatt then told Sheriff’s deputy Dave Phillips,  that when he went back to the Mobley Road address, his truck was gone and he did not have any idea where it could be or who may have taken it.

Deputy Phillips noted in his report that he noticed “a very faint smell of an alcoholic beverage on his breath” and when he asked Wyatt if he had been drinking, he said, “no, that’s the smell of the dip I chew.”

Deputy Phillips then informed Wyatt that a vehicle matching the description of his truck had been found by another sheriff’s deputy on Mcadoo Creek road at 2:44am.  Deputy Phillips then took Wyatt to the location of the truck and Wyatt positively identified the truck as being his.  According to the sheriff’s report, the truck had slid into a drainage ditch in the front yard of a Mcadoo Creek Road residence, and didn’t appear to have any damage.

Deputy Phillips then read Wyatt his miranda rights.

Phillips then interviewed two witnesses to the incident,  Tanner Olson, and David Hayes, both residents of the McAdoo Creek road residence where the incident occurred.

According to both Olson and Hayes, they heard tires screeching and a loud “thump” and went out to investigate. Both men then identified Wyatt as being behind the wheel of the truck at the time of the accident, and said Wyatt told them that he had slid on the ice and ended up in the ditch. Olson told deputy Phillips that he then took his flashlight to check the road for ice to see if his story “added up.”  Both men told deputy Phillips that there was no ice on the road.

The two men then told deputy Phillips that Wyatt asked them (Olson and Hayes) to take him to a friends house.  The two men agreed and said they took him to a house on highway 12, dropped him off, then went back home.  In Haye’s statement, he said Wyatt told him that he and  “his boss”, had been to several bars.

Deputy Phillips then informed Wyatt he was being arrested and charged with filing a false report.  Wyatt was taken to the Montgomery County Jail and booked.  His bond was set at $1000.

When asked to comment on Wyatt’s arrest, Jennifer Rawls, mayor McMillan’s public information director issued the following statement;

“The Mayor does not comment on arrests and other preliminary legal proceedings. Any requests for information about the allegations should be addressed to law enforcement.”

William Wyatt

William Benjamin WyattName: William Benjamin Wyatt

Date of Birth: 7/ 16/ 74
Gender: M
Race: W
Given Address: 4120 Lena Court, Clarksville, TN
Arresting Officer: David Phillips
Charged With: False Report
Booked Into: Montgomery County Jail
Bond: $1,000





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