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Montgomery County Trustee’s Office announces over 20 Million Dollars in Interest Earnings


Montgomery County TennesseeMontgomery County, TN – Brenda E. Radford, Montgomery County Trustee, is pleased to announce her efforts have earned more than twenty million dollars through the prudent investment of Montgomery County Government’s Idle Funds.

“In September 2006, one of my goals as County Trustee has been to earn and return more than twenty million dollars through the Trustee’s Investment Program,” Radford said. From September 1st 2006 through December 31st, 2013, the interest rate spread has been as high as 5.65% in 2006 to lows of 0.00%-0.25% after December 2007.

“Many share in this achievement. I am proud and grateful to our local community banks and to the banks in the Tennessee Local Government Investment Pool who have participated in the Trustee’s Investment Program through the years.

“Reaching this goal hardly means that we can breathe easy, but it does mean that we can move ahead with a confidence in our ability to work together to achieve tremendous success on behalf of the citizens of Montgomery County.”

Why Are Tax Dollars Being Invested?

In accordance with state law (T.C.A. 5-8-301), the Montgomery County Trustee, acting as the banker on behalf of Montgomery County Government, has the responsibility of investing county funds which are designated for immediate use.

Each day, the Trustee reviews bank balances from more than 25 different bank accounts to identify money that can be invested for periods ranging from one day to two years.

Interest earnings from these investments enable the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System or various Montgomery County offices to increase operating revenue or help to pay the debt for schools and county buildings.

How and Where Are Tax Dollars Invested?

Brenda E. Radford, Montgomery County Trustee, continually monitors economic and market conditions to maximize interest earnings.

All investments are made in compliance with state guidelines and may include:

  • Agencies of the United States Government
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Tennessee Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP) participating banks
  • Commercial Paper or other Short-Term Debt Instruments
  • U.S. Bonds, Notes, or Treasury Bills

The tree main objectives in managing the investment portfolio are to provide safety of the principal amount invested, to ensure liquidity to meet operating requirements and to generate a market rate return on the investments without assuming undue risks.




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