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Clarksville Guns and Archery Offers New Personal Firearm Training System

Posted By News Staff On Wednesday, September 27, 2017 @ 6:00 am In Business | No Comments

Clarksville Guns and ArcheryClarksville, TN – Your personal safety, depends on you being able to protect yourself and your family.  We live in a world where there’s just no getting around it.  Whether you’re an experienced gun owner, or just learning, the Targetize Personal Firearm Training System just might be something for you.

Targetize Training System at Clarksville Guns And Archery

Targetize Training System at Clarksville Guns And Archery

Clarksville Guns and Archery offers this training device and it’s easy to use.

The Targetize device is a light weight training sensor, and it helps shooters hone their pistol technique and confidence.  

Paired with the free Targetize app, shooters can track and improve accuracy, stability, and precision.  The system works with live fire and dry fire training.

The sensor is a lightweight 9-axis motion device that attaches to the bottom rail of a handgun, tracking your muzzle movement as you shoot.

It will particularly track muzzle movement during the trigger pull, providing corrective feedback regarding your stance, grip and trigger pull.

The Targetize Training System has an algorithm developed with the use of bio-mechanics along with input from shooting instructors and ex-military/special forces.

In addition to providing shooting form tips, Targetize will continuously track the shots you take at every range session and provide scores for your stability, precision and accuracy.

If you want to become more confident as a shooter, and have command over your weapon, then training is where it’s at.  For a training aid that you can use in the office or on the range, visit Clarksville Guns and Archery for a demonstration.

To purchase the system from Clarksville Guns and Archery, go here [1]

To watch a video presentation, go here [2]

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