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    Kris WolfeKris Wolfe is a Christian, wife and mother. Kris is a freelance writer who focuses on spiritual and practical encouragement. Kris also writes lessons for small group purposes for churches.  While attending Luther Rice University and Seminary pursuing a master’s degree in Biblical Counseling, she is also the Marketing Director for B.A. Wolfe Powersports.

    Kris covers topics such as dating, marriage, parenting, divorce, post-divorce recovery, and the blended family.

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    Why Doesn’t God Perform Miracles Anymore?


    Kris WolfeClarksville, TN – One of my boys asked me recently, “Why doesn’t God perform miracles anymore?’

    It was a good question…a deep question. It’s the kind of question that let’s you know your kid is really thinking about God. It’s also the kind of question that causes pause, makes you think, and cranks your mental processing up a notch.

    We talked about miracles for a while, why God performed miracles like curing illness, reviving people from the dead, parting the sea.

    Moses parting the Red Sea

    Moses parting the Red Sea

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    9 Signs You Might be “Settling”


    Kris WolfeClarksville, TN – Dating is gross. I mean, it’s fun meeting new people, having a reason for a new outfit, a new way to style your hair, and a pretty new lip-gloss, but other than that, dating is just not fun for a lot of people. While the majority of women would like to be in a committed relationship, dating around to find the right guy, and being let down over and over again is simply not enjoyable.

    The dating process, or more precisely, the selection process is daunting and exhausting, and many of us run from this prickly ambiguity into any relationship that is, at least, committed or promising; translation: better than nothing. «Read the rest of this article»


    Before and After: Proof of His Mercy


    Kris WolfeClarksville, TN – I should have been unremarkable, a nobody, but because of God, I am a servant in His Kingdom daily.

    When I was asked to speak at a ladies conference a couple of months ago, I was honored. I was asked to discuss my life before and after Christ. unlike many Christians who became followers at an early age, I was very much an adult when I became a follower. The issue for the conference became, what do I talk about? Where do I begin? «Read the rest of this article»


    I Was Going to Be a Nun (and other failed plans)


    Kris WolfeClarksville, TN – When I was 12 I learned about nuns. I learned just enough to know that they spent a lot of time reading and doing chores. For some reason, the same girl who loved rap music and collected scrunchies was drawn to the quiet convent life devoid of thrills and Bath and Bodyworks.

    Knowing basically nothing about religion though may have caused a bit of a wrinkle: I wasn’t even Catholic.

    It’s crazy the things we think we could be, the direction we could have gone, the dreams or harebrained ideas we could have pursued, but didn’t. «Read the rest of this article»


    From One “Failing” Mom to Another, Happy Mother’s Day


    Kris WolfeClarksville, TN – Mother’s Day. It sounds possessive, as if we, the moms of the world, actually own the day. A day for mothers. We get what we want. It’s all about us, right?

    For as long as a I have been a mother of two boys that are two years and eight months apart, way too close in size, and way too far apart in attitude, I have asked for the same Mother’s Day gift: for the boys to be nice and get a long for the entire day.

    Mother's Day

    Mother’s Day

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    Losing Sleep Worrying?


    Kris WolfeClarksville, TN – All of a sudden your bed feels like a medical cot, your sheets feel like burlap. The refrigerator 60 feet away sounds like a Boeing 747.

    You can hear ice forming in your freezer. You wonder if you put the leftovers in the fridge, remind yourself to write a check for the field trip and to call to reschedule the appointment. Your sister’s birthday is coming up; do you have time to send her something thoughtful? «Read the rest of this article»


    Go Big AND Go Home


    Kris WolfeClarksville, TN – One of the best parts of the Christian community is the idea and practice of serving. Serving is an integral part of being a Christian in action. Christ was the ultimate “servant.”

    And Jesus called them to him and said to them, “You know that those who are considered rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them. But it shall not be so among you. But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:42-45 «Read the rest of this article»


    Ladies’ Night Out


    Kris WolfeClarksville, TN – Women’s Conferences…if you are a woman and a Christian, you have heard of them. You may even attend them from time to time with your friends or your sisters.

    But why do women do this so much more than men? Is it because we are escaping our kids or avoiding our husbands? Well maybe.

    But more than that, women are drawn to relationships and even driven by to them. And genuine relationships seem to be the most effective at spurring real change in our all-too-real lives.

    Ladies Night Out «Read the rest of this article»


    Divorced but not Broken: Easter Hope is not Exclusive


    Kris WolfeClarksville, TN – It wasn’t that long ago that I was a divorcee. It was not an easy time in my life by any stretch of even the most twisted imagination. But one thing is for sure; hope was the O2 of every breath I took.

    I am remarried now. And I certainly feel blessed, but I have several friends who are “single moms” and they are some of the most beautifully humble, loving and godly people I know. There isn’t a public figure, famous writer, or inspirational speaker that adds more value and light to my life than these women do.

    The Old Cross «Read the rest of this article»


    The Secret of Being Content (When Life is Skunky)


    Kris WolfeClarksville, TN – Work. Work. Work. Study. Complain. Work. Worry. Clean. Write. Crumble. Cry. Work. This has been my existence.

    My dogs were skunked last night. Not a little: like warfare of liquid fire raining upon our home. More good news: one of my dogs is nursing nine one-week-old pups. Now I am picturing nine helpless, blind little puppies withering away from the toxicity of rancid stench upon the bosom of their mother.

    My thoughts (and the words I spoke aloud to my husband): “I feel like Job.” Life has been so difficult for so long, and the hits just keep coming. «Read the rest of this article»


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