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James Brown The Ultimate Tribute to His Music, Life and Legacy.


m_eb4adffb63337bc359efc3e7880282fc.jpgJames Brown the Godfather of Soul is gone but he is not dead. Now I won’t go on record and claim that he is not dead like some have labeled past legends of TV and music such as Tupac Shakur, Elvis Presley, and Bruce Lee.

James Brown lives on through his music and this is ever so true when it comes to the Rap and Hip Hop industry.  Among the over 650 songs that James Brown is either credited with creating, writing or having collaborated on, more than half of them have been used worldwide by Rappers, R&B and Rock artists in the form of samples in their music.

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Why am I a Fool?


The foolLike the tarot card “fool” from Medieval times, being the fool is the first action before all others. One can not be the King or Queen without first being the fool. The fool is the first step to learning, taking on, and beginning something new. How does one feel when taking a first step? Foolish.

The tarot card shows the fool in bright colors taking a step over a cliff. A dog is a companion. The fool has a weird sort of faith and trust (like the dog) in the universe. What the fool doesn’t have, symbolic in the vitality of bright colors, is fear. While the fool learns and grows in taking risks, others point at and mock the fool while staying in their comfort zones of fear. Critics badger the fool, when inside they wish to be the King (be successful, have a following) but cannot bear to be the fool.

  • The fool in me gets me to raise my hand in a classroom, while the room bears down on me to be quiet, fit in, and pretend that I know what I don’t.
  • The fool in me is the part that wins out when I go to a new town, a new country.
  • Fools try new and different foods.
  • The fool lets me go where I’m not the majority in: language, culture, color.
  • The fool is the part of me that urges me to step over the comfort line. It urges me to use my voice when no one else does.
  • The fool in me picks up the paint brush or designs a 3D sculpture. No art, no imagination would exist without the fool.
  • The fool dares to dream and then make that dream a reality.
  • The fool gets on the stage.
  • The fool writes; every word chosen with integrity comes from the fool’s mouth.
  • The fool makes mistakes, the greatest learning tool there is.

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Fresh From the Line Opening Reception!


Ice House CafeThe Icehouse Cafe and Art X-Po present Fresh From the Line,
a Valentine’s season group art exhibition.
All work is on or composed with undergarments… kInKy!

Opening reception will be held this Saturday, Feb 3 from 7-10PM

118 University Ave
Clarksville, TN 37040

This exhibition features art from some of the region’s premier artists including…

  • Charles Bennett
  • Maria Colomy
  • Beverly Dill
  • Nena Guinn
  • Brandt Hardin
  • Barbara Herrick
  • Olivia Molinaro
  • Erin Rainey
  • Jesse Shaw

Please join us for the opening reception tonight or catch the show during cafe hours throughout the month of February!
This and all Art X-Po events are absolutely FREE, ALL AGES, and OPEN to the PUBLIC!!!

Receiving on Martin Luther King day


The NAACP LogoMy husband and I and Bill Larson attended an Educational Workshop run by the NAACP before going to the Dr. Luther King Parade today. Here is my summary and highlights of the workshop….

Michael Harris, School Superintendent, encourages parents to get involved, show up at school events. He seriously wants to get more African American teachers in our system.

Dr. Jean Scott Murphy, a former educator, said that parents need to be active in their children’s lives. Many times parents are too tired or too busy to talk to the teachers and their children. Somebody: A parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, has to be there for the child. A child should not feel isolated in the school environment. At open houses, the children keep looking at the door. They are looking for us, the parents. Children do well in school to please us, nobody else. Our home should include a safe space for children to work, think and be. We have to give that to them. We have to care enough to establish limits and guidelines for our children.

As parents or caregivers, it is up to us to see the light in our children. We are in the position to bring out that light. We do that with encouragement and talking about what is positive. If we only talk about what’s negative, that’s what grows. We can cherish every accomplishment. Children don’t always do what it is that we wish they would do. We should celebrate their accomplishments. Their work can go up on our refrigerators. We can focus on their strengths. NEVER PUT THE LIGHT OUT IN A CHILD. We can make college a possibility by stressing that it is not just for people with money, but people who work hard. «Read the rest of this article»

Education outside the box


School DeskToday is graduation day. Not for me, but for thirty other students from across the country. Writers all. Writers of plays, books, poems, non-fiction, memoir and more. I’m on the early side of this academic journey.

I’m in Vermont, on an abnormally warm day in Vermont. No jackets, not even a sweater needed. In just two days of a January heat wave, the snow is all but gone, even here in the mountains. The first snowdrops and crocus are making a precipitous and dangerous arrival, since we are expecting snow and ice tomorrow. Maybe there’s a poem in there.

I’m at Goddard College, a low-residency master’s program in creative writing, where thinking and working outside the box are the norm. Each student has an individual curriculum, crossing paths via master classes, workshops, seminars, individual advising sessions, student and faculty readings or the staging of works in progress. «Read the rest of this article»



Larry DunlapMy friend, Leonard had cornered me at The Pour House Café and asked for my help in writing a song.

“Ok, Leonard,” I said, “just what kind of song are you writing?”

“A protest song, I want to write a protest song.”

I hesitated, but knew I had to ask. “What are you protesting, Leonard?”

“Indoor toilets, that’s what, indoor toilets!” «Read the rest of this article»

Video: Fiat Empire – A Closer Look at the Federal Reserve, and America Freedom to Fascism


Fiat Empire - A Closer Look at the Federal ReserveAmerica Freedom to FascismThese are two interesting films and if everything they claim is true, the situation is quite scary when you think about it. He who controls the currency, in the end controls everything.

I noticed a year ago, that the Federal Reserve Board would stop publishing its weekly M3 money supply number as of March 2006, but I never had any reason to think much about it until now.

M0 is all coins and paper bills. M1 is M0 plus all checking accounts. M2 is M1 plus savings accounts, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit of less than $100,000. M3 is M2 plus all deposits, euro dollars, and repurchase agreements that are $100,000 and larger… M3 is the broadest measure of how much money is circulating in the U.S. at any one time. Unlike M2, M3 is the big stuff, the super-size deposits.

Basically it lets the Federal Reserve and the US Government hide direct manipulation of the stock and currency markets by the Federal Reserve. If you are interested in the details read this article by Harlan Levy. It seems to me to go right along with these film’s assertions. «Read the rest of this article»

Health: It’s not just what you eat


Weight Loss Just this morning, I read that Tennessee is in the bottom five of fifty states when it comes to the health of its citizens. In only took a minute, if that, to mentally start listing reasons why, immediately followed by the question, “what are other 90% of our states doing better?”

The health of our citizens directly impacts the health of our state . The health of our citizens is impacted by many factors; it’s not just eating right or exercising or even being lucky or unlucky enough to have “good” or “bad” genes. It’s not just taking soda vending machines out of the schools or removing those bad fats from restaurant foods, or banning smoking. It’s a broader issue, that encompasses not just the obvious: health care systems, nutrition, exercise. It’s a broader issue rooted in economics, education, regional culture, public policy, and a multi-layered infrastructure in dozens of cities and towns that supports — or does not support — good health and well-being. «Read the rest of this article»

Video: An Inconvenient Truth out on DVD


An Inconvenient TruthAl Gore’s important documentary on the dangers of climate change and global warming was released on DVD on November 21st. I recommend everyone see it as soon as possible. So I am showing it here. I also recommend that you go out and buy yourself a copy. It’s also available at Wal-Mart, Borders Books, and Hastings. Then as the Producers encourage you to do share it with your friends and family.

Some of the nation’s top climate scientists gave An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore’s documentary on global warming, five stars for accuracy according to the USA Today Newspaper.

Climate change is real, it’s accepted as a fact by a the majority of climate scientists. «Read the rest of this article»

Call for Artist Entries!


Ice House CafeArt X-Po and The Icehouse Cafe present Light & Soul, a group art exhibition.

No entry fee but a $1 donation is suggested.

All work must be framed or ready to hang.

Drop-off date will be 4-7PM Wednesday, December 6, 2006 at The Icehouse Cafe, 118 University Ave, Clarksville, TN.  Entries must be turned in at this time.

To make alternate arrangements, contact Brandt @ 931-220-4532.

Opening reception will be held 5-8PM Thursday, Dec 7 during Clarksville’s Downtown Artwalk.  Exhibition will remain open througout the month of December and through the new year.  Free, All Ages, and Open to the Public!

I look forward to your participation!

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