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The inner life of a cell


The inner life of a cellEver wonder what happens inside your cells, the building blogs of your body? The Inner Life of a Cell, an eight-minute animation created in NewTek LightWave 3D and Adobe After Effects by XVIVO and Harvard University, tries to answer that question in a way we can visualize. Below is a 3 minute version of it which was presented at Siggraph in August.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s really cool! «Read the rest of this article»

The Dog Who Saved Lives


Keykey, the dog who saved livesChristine Piesyk says there isn’t a minute of the day that she doesn’t think on the dog that saved her life. She says that without a doubt, she would have died from smoke inhalation on August 30th if not for her hero.

Here is Keykey, the dog who kept jumping and yipping (something he usually does not do) on Christine while she was sleeping, alerting her to the fact that her house was on fire.

Donations are coming in, we thank you with all our hearts. A bed has been donated, thanks so much! Money is coming in; any amount helps! Please see the previous article for more information on how to donate to help this family get back on their feet.

I’m sure that you’ll be hearing from Christine as soon as she can get on a computer.

The Pour House Café


Larry Dunlap

The Pour House Café is your typical small town café you find in most every little town in the U.S. The once white frame building sits on the corner of highway 41A and Slipknot Road. It is the place where problems are solved, gossip is started and grease is consumed. 

Square foot for square foot more characters eat here than most any place south of Mayberry. 

Things were busy at the Cafe Sunday. «Read the rest of this article»

Video: Painting with sand and light


Video FootageI can’t even begin to figure out how you discover a talent like this, but I am glad they did! The video shows a sand animation artist at work. Using only their fingers, a Sand artist draws with sand on glass table, producing works of art in seconds! Read more to see one in action! «Read the rest of this article»

Big Bucks, Big Pharma and a clip from the extra feature, Drug Costs and PR


Big Bucks, Big Pharma CoverMedical care and high drug prices are a serious issues, and ones that the public needs to be aware of. No one should have to choose between life or death for a loved one, because they can not afford to pay for life saving medical treatment. We need to ask our selves as a society, how much profit is too much profit.

We have already limited the ability of businesses involved in money lending to charge whatever the market will bear for their services, we need to consider enacting similar legal measures in other vital areas. «Read the rest of this article»

Diet Drinks and Other Diet Goodies


Weight Loss Over the years I and many others trying to watch their weight have spent millions of dollars on diet drinks, diet ice cream, diet foods, diet candies, not to mention all of the over the counter pills, and lets not forget the gym.  What I want to talk a little bit about today is the diet drinks, ice creams and candies. «Read the rest of this article»

Obesity, Weight Loss, and Just Being Healthy


Weight Loss Every day, we can pick up a paper and see that the great American government has decided that yet another sector of our country is now “officially obese”. We have adults, teens and now infants. We are not talking just a little overweight, we are talking life threatening, seriously obese.

In 1997, I found myself needing to get rid of about 40 pounds. I was obese. At the time there was no support on the Internet. So, I put the first online journal up for the world to see and within 2 months had over 250 men and women with journals. We started an email list and we supported each other and learned from each other. «Read the rest of this article»

MySpace Can Be Risky Business Logo“Can I get a myspace account? All my friends have one.”

It was only a matter of time before my grandchildren, girls ages 16 and 17, and a boy, 14, asked this question. “MySpace” has 67 million members posting photos, making mini-videos, browsing chat sites, posting poems or art, and connecting with friends.

My introduction to MySpace came through the MSNBC TV series on child predators who surf this highly popular site looking for vulnerable or curious teens. I watched the series with great interest, while asking the question “where were the parents when their teens were online?” “Did they ever check out where their kids are going online?” «Read the rest of this article»

Uncovered: The war on Iraq by Robert Greenwald


Uncovered the war on IraqRobert Greenwald better known for his documentaries “Outfoxed” and “Wal-mart: The high cost of low price”, also did a documentary on the Iraq War.

He describes the documentary as being an important film documenting exactly how the Bush administration hoodwinked the American people into supporting an unnecessary war. A war that has claimed tens of thousands of lives, and continues today. «Read the rest of this article»

Federal Income Tax, is it a Fraud?


Freedom to Fascism PosterA few years back, I read an interesting book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin. It is a book that reads like an investigative novel, about the history of federal or nationalized banking systems that have been tried in the United States. It argues that the federal income tax is not needed because of the hidden ‘tax’ of inflation through manipulating the currency production.

I also read a book about Andrew Jackson and his campaign to end the national banking system at the time (he succeeded actually). I suppose for a while there it was the flavor of the month in my reading. «Read the rest of this article»

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