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Surprising Sporting Suspenders Saga

John Lithgow sporting suspenders

John Lithgow sporting suspenders

Clarksville, TN – At some point in the life of some older men, a shift occurs. The former rounded derriere becomes flattened and the formerly flat abdomen becomes a rounded tummy.

This can occur because of lessened activity due to illness of some variety, a hernia that can happen to the central muscles of a man’s chest, or simply the advent of becoming a “couch potato” for a number of years. It can even happen when someone has indulged in too many trips to the beer keg or drinks cabinet. (Or, as someone has put it, he might have traded one “six pack” set of muscles for too many others in cans or bottles!)

The result of this shift to “no hips” and “more tummy than one wishes” may necessitate moving from the use of a belt to hold up one’s pants to the purchase of suspenders.
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My Two Cents: #Gabestrong


My Two-Cents with Hank BonecutterClarksville, TN - “Faith and understanding rest on the hope of eternal life.  Before time began, God promised to give that life.  And he does not lie.” Titus 1.

It seemed only fitting that former Clarksville City Councilman Gabe Segovia would lose his battle to cancer on the day God chose to begin his life.  And while there are many who think that is so sad, I celebrate for Gabe.

The pain is gone.  The suffering is over.  Now, go rest my brother!

Gabe Segovia with Hank Bonecutter at the WJZM studios, Clarksville after a two hour interview about the discovery of his cancer.

Gabe Segovia with Hank Bonecutter at the WJZM studios, Clarksville after a two hour interview about the discovery of his cancer.

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Are Women’s Only Choices Bare Bellies, Too Tight Jeans and Visible Underwear?


Clarksville, TN – At the risk of being a person living in a glass house with plenty of people who could throw stones at my way of dressing, I have decided to tackle a ticklish subject—women’s attire for summer. As hot weather begins to envelope us, we females need to stop and think before we select the outfits in which we are viewed in public.

Please be aware that I am not setting myself up as any kind of role model in the fashion world. I am a dumpy, past middle-age female whose figure has long since gone to flab. «Read the rest of this article»

Some Unusual Situations can occur going to the Movies


Clarksville, TN – A group of friends–several couples–had been out to dinner. They decided to go to the movies. After having been settled in their seats for quite some time, one of the ladies decided to retire to repair her make-up. She began walking, face towards the screen and scooting sideways towards the aisle.

Several gentlemen rose to let her by. Unfortunately for one of them, he noticed that his zipper had somehow been left unzipped. As he rose to let her by, he stood and simultaneously zipped. «Read the rest of this article»

Every Parent should make a Plan of Safety in Case of Fire

The Clarksville Fire Department fights a house fire

The Clarksville Fire Department fights a house fire

Clarksville, TN – In only 60 seconds fire can engulf your home.

Think about it. You have one minute between safety and disaster in case of a major home fire.

Do your children know what to do? Do you have a plan for getting out? Is there a fire escape ladder in your child’s bedroom or your bedroom if they are on the second, third or fourth floor of your home? Do you have a fire extinguisher beside your kitchen stove? Have your children learned to “stop, drop and roll” in case their clothes catch on fire? Do you have smoke alarms throughout your home? Are the batteries working in your smoke alarms? Do your children know how to call 911 in case of fire or other real emergency? «Read the rest of this article»

My Hair Color is not Who I Am


Clarksville, TN – How many times a day do we look at another person or hear him speak and judge who we think this person to be? Our prejudices filter people when we first look at them.

If that other person has on baggy pants or has a hair style we consider wild, we may even cross the street to avoid him. If we hear someone speaking English with a foreign accent, we may have preconceived ideas about that person even if we’ve never had any interaction with her.

Our experiences form our prejudices based on the type of interactions we have or those our family has instilled in us. Most racial prejudice is learned at home. Overcoming our fears—and fear is the basis of all prejudice—is not easy. «Read the rest of this article»

When I’m gone it will be too late to send me Flowers


An elderly couple

Clarksville, TN – This is a true story but the names of the people have been changed.

By the time I met them, both Jack and Alice were in their senior years. Originally from Chicago, Jack was a retired high school counselor and Alice still taught voice lessons in their home. Jack was short, bald and a bit rotund; he had an amazing mind and a great sense of humor. Alice was petite, had wavy white hair, and had a pleasant smile for everyone.

They lived in a huge Victorian home on one of the premier streets of Charlottesville. All the rooms in the massive first floor had very high ceilings. «Read the rest of this article»

If you haven’t been in my classroom then you haven’t met the Lone Stranger


Clarksville, TN – Teaching music is an amazing adventure on a daily basis. You never know what is going to come out of a child’s imagination—or mouth! Any teacher will tell you that whatever a child thinks, he or she says aloud without any qualms whatsoever. Children’s minds are always imagining and they are testing out the world around them.

For instance, it is not unusual for kindergarten children to have a totally different idea of any word in the English language from the one you have. Take the day when I was playing the “William Tell Overture” and a little boy yelled out, “Listen! It’s the Lone Stranger!”

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The fascinating History of Popcorn


Clarksville, TN – Ask me what my favorite snack is and I won’t hesitate a second to tell you that it’s popcorn. The aroma of popcorn can drive me to indulge any time day or night. I recently realized that I had no idea where popcorn originated or what makes it pop. Here’s what I learned:

According to , popcorn was eaten by Native Americans before the time of Jesus. Popcorn kernels more than 1,000 years old were found in tombs on the east coast of Peru; they still popped! Popcorn is believed to have originated in Mexico, but was grown in Sumatra, China and India before Christopher Columbus came to the New World.

Popcorn kernels

Popcorn kernels

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Which will win? Hope vs Fear and Ignorance


Hope-vs-Fear Clarksville, TN – Our society is at war with itself. The downturn in the economy has brought great fears to many citizens. People who focus on their fears have little chance of seeing a solution. Fear is a paralyzing emotion. Mix that with ignorance of some basic facts that are misconstrued by devious politicians seeking their own aggrandizement and you get demonstrations that defy logic.

With citizens in all walks of life losing their jobs and needing hope, some officials more concerned about grandstanding they hope will lead themselves to higher political office than to addressing the suffering of the people who elected them. «Read the rest of this article»

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