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RJ Corman Railroad should pay to refurbish their bridge


RJ Corman train and logoThe State of Tennessee has been asked in the name of the residents of Clarksville, Montgomery County and Stewart County Tennessee to issue a grant for the refurbishment of the RJ Corman Railroad bridge. This bridge passes over Riverside Drive in Clarksville before it crosses the Cumberland River on it’s journey to the TVA’s Cumberland City Power Plant in Stewart County. Both the railroad and the bridge are privately owned and operated by the RJ Corman Railroad Group LLC, a for profit company. «Read the rest of this article»

America raped and pillaged, while we are sleeping


EPA logoThere have been many monumental defeats for our air, water and land recently. Most polls show that Americans are pro-environment. Instead of finding cleaner forms of energy or trying to reduce our gluttonous use, we allow our land and oceans to be handed over to the care of corporations.

I hate how they give such handsome names to these sinister laws. Who would guess that the ‘Clear Skies Act’ allows companies to increase pollution? It lessens the standards in the Clean Air Act passed over 30 years ago. «Read the rest of this article»

Schools and school zones


A Clarksville SchoolI was reading the Leaf Chronicle today and saw an announcement about a city council vote to place a school zone warning light at the intersection of Tiny Town Road and Little Bobcat Lane tonight.

Does the new school not have sufficient access to Little Bobcat Lane in order to remove the necessity of slowing down such a critical traffic artery during some of the busiest traffic flow times. If not, then the question which must be answered is why? «Read the rest of this article»

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Charter Sucks!


Cable wireIt’s not often that I vent on a business — I know how hard it can be in this competitive world to satisfy ever more demanding customers. But I am about over Charter Communications. For over a month now, we have had missing channels and bad reception. We made an appointment and they never showed up, which doesn’t leave you feeling particularly good about having wasted a day to be there for them. Nor were they particularly apologetic about not showing up.

And every time you try to get a response from them, you are back to square one: you have to navigate a phone menu that resembles chinese water torture more than anything else. If and when you do get a human being, it’s a whole new world — you have to explain all over again what the problem is. And they will want you to make yet another appointment. «Read the rest of this article»

Déjà vu


Soldier in IraqOn a cool September morning in 1966, I stood outside my Catholic high school, waiting for my best friend to hop off the bus. She did, crying.

“Jim died.”

My eyes welled up, and I marked the day in my mind as the one on which I lost my first friend to Vietnam. «Read the rest of this article»

$5.15 an hour, the minimum wage since 1997


Most Americans support minimum wage increase
Published in the Leaf Chronicle – Jun 30, 2006

Employee and a time clockOn June 21, our two multi-millionaire U.S. senators from Tennessee, Lamar Alexander and Bill Frist, voted “no” again on a bill to increase the minimum wage. I find this appalling.

Growing up on a small farm in Tennessee, it was impressed upon me that hard work was not only expected but also is an important character trait. I think most people agree that no one in the United States who works full time for a living should have to live in poverty. To me, that means they can afford basic housing, groceries (not including meals out), needed health care, child care and other necessities. «Read the rest of this article»

A Hockey Challenge


The Multi-Purpose Events CenterOur town needs some excitement and hockey can bring it. We need the Events Arena if for nothing else, well, events. Our adults, kids, and especially teenagers, need a place to go that doesn’t involve an hour long, 70-80 mph three-dollars-a-gallon drive to Nashville. Clarksville is the size of a city but continues to have a town mentality. The ever-climbing population is here however we choose to embrace it. The quality of growth depends on making our “town” a place where people want to be; not a place from where they want to escape from the lack of “things” to do. «Read the rest of this article»

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We need a common vision for our town


Clarksville City GovernmentI attended the special session of the Clarksville Tennessee city council tonight. I was interested in hearing the councils debate over the creation of a Sports Authority. It was easily approved. Since it was one of the first items which was dealt with, I could have gone ahead and left. I decided to stay.

I learned several things this evening, from the way the sessions are handled, to the specific interests of several council members. I also saw confirmed, the fact that there are many different views of what Clarksville, TN should be, should become. This is something I feel the city government needs take long hard to look into. «Read the rest of this article»

This is my ribbon rant


This is my ribbon rant.

You know, those yellow “support our troops” ribbons plastered on the ass-end of just about every SUV you drive behind.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with the sentiment of the ribbons: “Support our troops”. What makes me mad about the ribbons is that most people who decorate their SUVs with those ribbons have given little, if any thought to what “supporting the troops” means. «Read the rest of this article»

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