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Whitney Johns: How One Bold Question Changed My Life


And no, its not when my Husband Proposed

SpiritualityMurfreesboro, TN – Do you know someone who is extremely bold? I don’t mean someone who will go skydiving or ride a bull; I mean someone who is bold in their speech – the kind of boldness that catches you off-guard, the kind of boldness that causes you to pause, the kind of boldness that almost feels offensive or uncomfortable.

I had a friend who was bold in her speech the very first time I met her, and I am eternally thankful for her boldness.

My freshman year of college, I heard about an athlete bible study that was happening in my dorm. I thought to myself, “I’m an athlete. I own a bible. I’ll go to this athlete bible study.”

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Whitney Johns: The Big Move, We are moving to San Diego!


SpiritualityMurfreesboro, TN – It’s happening.

If you have been following my blogs (read this one to catch up) or my life in general, you know that my husband and I have been prayerfully considering moving to San Diego, California to join a church plant in the city.

In fact, before we began our dating relationship, I knew that marrying J.J. meant following him wherever the Lord might lead. And it was clear that San Diego was the direction. We have both participated in internships with the North American Mission Board in San Diego, CA.

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Whitney Johns: The world is not enough


SpiritualityMurfreesboro, TN – What are the three best things in your life right now? Did you just graduate from college… Was your first grandchild just born… Do you have awesome co workers… Is your boyfriend the best…?

Where do you find comfort? Having plenty of money in the bank… Having enough friends… Having a spouse… Escaping in a Netflix binge…?

What are you searching for? As long as I have ________________________ , everything will be okay.

Mountain Landscape

Mountain Landscape

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Whitney Johns: Unmet Expectations, Unfulfilled Desires


SpiritualityMurfreesboro, TN – In the past year, I graduated from college with a four-year bachelor’s degree, moved to a new city, and began applying for jobs. I quickly realized that four years of college means nothing in most cases, seventeen is the preferred number of years of experience most employers want, and the only jobs I was qualified for were Lyft driving and folding clothes at Old Navy.

Yes, this sounds incredibly pessimistic. But let’s be honest here – anyone over the age of 22 has experienced this in some way. And if you haven’t experienced this in the business world, you still know the feeling. It is the heartache of unmet expectations, the sorrow of unfulfilled desires.

Whitney Johns

Whitney Johns

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Decisions, Decisions – Our story and the decisions made along the way


SpiritualityMurfreesboro, TN – I’ve made a few decisions in my 23 years.

The absolute-hands-down best decision I have made was when I decided to admit that I was broken, sinful, completely lost; I was desperate for the blood of Christ to cover me and make me new, clean, righteous, holy, redeemed, forgiven, free, satisfied.

And every decision I have made since then has been filtered through the lens of this great grace, filtered through the lens of obedience to Christ. (Now… when I say every decision, understand that I’m not counting the 17 million times I have decided to take a nap instead of spend time with God… There is grace, praise Jesus.)

Whitney And J J Johns

Whitney And J J Johns

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Clarksville Online Welcomes Whitney Robertson Johns


Clarksville Online, Clarksville Tennessee's local News provider.Clarksville, TN – Clarksville Online wishes to introduce our newest member of our stable of bloggers who will be contributing to our platform.  

Whitney Robertson Johns will be sharing her faith based articles of hope and inspiration on a regular basis, and we couldn’t be more excited about this relationship.

Whitney is no stranger to our community.  As one of Clarksville’s premier student athletes, during her storied high school and college golf career, we’ve witnessed another amazing young person grow into an amazing adult, and fearless champion of God’s word.

Whitney Johns

Whitney Johns

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Kris Wolfe: I Love Me, I Love Me Not


Kris WolfeClarksville, TN – Self love sounds weird.

At least it did to me when I was barely double digits and a woman at a church I was uncomfortably visiting with my slumber party pal suggested that I should “love myself.”

Love myself? What in carnation was this nut-job talking about?

I knew how to love pizza and chocolate. I was comfortable loving the Facts or Life and even Ricky Schroeder. But loving myself? That seemed so strange.

Love Thyself

Love Thyself

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Jesus was Born on Christmas Day


Written by Dinah Maria Mulock

ChristmasGod rest ye, merry gentlemen; let nothing you dismay,
For Jesus Christ, our Saviour, was born on Christmas-day.

The dawn rose red o’er Bethlehem, the stars shone through the gray,
When Jesus Christ, our Saviour, was born on Christmas-day.


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Gifts that are the Greatest


The Greatest GiftClarksville, TN – We should give some serious thought to the process of giving and what it really means to show our love to others during Christmas time.

I suspect that if most of us tried to remember the best gifts we’ve ever received, we’d find that many of them didn’t necessarily cost a great deal of money. Instead they had a lovely share of thoughtfulness behind them.

One of the gifts I received that I’ll never forget was from a blind man who sat for several hours at his tape recorder and taped for me music he believed I’d enjoy and some of his own words about what my friendship for him had meant.

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Busy, Alone and Drained: One “Power Couple’s” Tale of Quitting Everything


Kris WolfeClarksville, TN – A few years ago, I was working at a table in the church lobby. A pastor’s wife (whose husband no longer worked in the Clarksville area) told me sheepishly that they weren’t doing much in the way of volunteerism anymore.

I said sincerely and empathetically, “Well sometimes your family has to be your ministry.” I meant it – for her of course. My ministry was the WORLD. Or at least it seemed.

In our busy lives, we need to make time for ourselve, our spouse and our family.

In our busy lives, we need to make time for ourselve, our spouse and our family.

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