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The Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail: Retreat to the natural world


Daytrips and Weekenders. As the summer months and the vacation/travel season approaches, we offer you, our readers, ideas for day trips and weekend excursions to places and events that can be done in a day, or maxed out over a weekend. Time and the high cost of gas fuel our efforts to find local entertainment and activities. This column will appear each Thursday through Labor Day.

Does it get any better than this?

Looking for a scenic bike trail, horse riding trail, or a walking trail? What once was a railroad bed running between Nashville and Clarksville was turned into a beautiful, fairly level and almost completely paved trail. It is perfect for biking, hiking, power walking or a leisurely stroll with the intent of observing nature’s best offerings. You can find it all on the Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail. «Read the rest of this article»


Location! Location! Location! Fuel storage on the Cumberland!


In real estate, they say location is everything. In placement of fuel storage terminals, no truer words were ever spoken!

A fuel tank and pipeline.TEPPCO Partners, LP announced plans to construct a new refined product terminal in Clarksville along the Cumberland River. Two local businessmen apparently are engaged in this development. Normally one is inclined to celebrate such high dollar economic investment in the community.

This project is part of a three terminal initiative which will cost approximately $75 million. However, it must be noted that the given location is just several brief miles above the city’s water intake facility, our only water intake point on the Cumberland. As such, it poses a serious potential hazard to our drinking water supply.

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H.O.P.E. Scholarship expanded as State Senate closes 2nd session


  • H.O.P.E. eligibility drops to 2.75
  • Helping Heroes Act helps Tennessee vets return to school
  • Longterm Care Act helps elderly stay at home

NASHVILLE – Citing expansion of lottery scholarship programs and passage of sweeping reforms of Tennessee’s long-term health care system, among other accomplishments, Democratic Leader Senator Jim Kyle, D-Memphis, and Democratic Caucus Chairman Sen. Joe Haynes, D-Goodlettsville, today said the Senate Democratic Caucus had successfully weathered difficult times during the second session of the 105th General Assembly and had “continued to stand up for Tennessee families.”

“The national economic downturn had a major impact on the state’s finances, but Senate Democrats did what Tennesseans elected us to do, we balanced the budget without new taxes,” Kyle said. “We handled the budget in a business-like fashion, and we did this while addressing our priorities. We pressed on to expanded opportunity for college students, and we prevailed.” «Read the rest of this article»


Tennessee’s ‘Top Spot’ bottoms out


Tennessee’s “Top Spot” hit bottom on Best Life Magazine‘s “Best Place to Raise a Family” list, coming in at #257 (out of 257) based in part on the listed amount of per-child school spending. Yet even as the city and the School Department challenged that placement and the numbers it was based on, the fact remains that Clarksville has both a lot more and a lot less to offer than many comparable cities across the country.

In leading up to the list for this monthly magazine aimed at male readers [with the survey actually targeting fathers in search of family friendly communities, researcher Sara Vigneri wrote:

“…fathers face reality when they’re not in prime time. They want to raise their children somewhere safe [ed. note: read “low crime”], where they can attend good schools with favorable student-teacher ratios, above-average test scores, and respectable budgets. Plenty of museums, parks, and pediatricians also contribute to a good quality of life, whereas multihour commutes, expensive houses, and divorcing friends and neighbors do not.” «Read the rest of this article»


Kennedy: ‘The last lion’ faces tough fight


Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy remains hospitalized today as doctors evaluate a brain tumor discovered after the senator was hospitalized for a seizure suffered over the weekend.

Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital today confirmed 76-year-old Senator Ted Kennedy’s seizure were the result of a malignant brain tumor Kennedy, who was hospitalized after suffering a seizure at his family’s compound on Saturday, has not had a repeat incident and is reportedly in good spirits.

According to statements made by the Senator’s doctors, preliminary results indicate, “the cause of the seizure as a malignant glioma in the left parietal lobe,” the area of brain linked to sensation, movement and language.Malignant glioma is the most common type of primary brain tumor in the United States accounting for more than half of all new diagnosis of a brain tumor condition. «Read the rest of this article»


Hidden treasure: Billy Dunlop Park


Serenity lies within a tucked away park on Needmore Road between 101st Parkway and Tiny Town Road. Billy Dunlop Park brings us a manicured, lush green lawn bordered with old growth trees and the gentle rolling West Fork of the Red River. Every time we’ve been here we see how well this park is maintained, including a new addition to the park: a walking bridge across the river.

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International Festival attracts crowds eager to sample international food, culture


The skies cleared, the sun shone brightly, and a cool breeze kept the air fresh and cool for the hundreds of people who turned out for the 12th annual International Festival at Immaculate Conception Church on Sunday. The streets closest to the festival were cordoned off to traffic, but that didn’t discourage attendees, who walked along traffic free streets pulling wagons or pushing carriages with youngsters eager to play the games, taste the foods and watch the shows representative of cultures from around the world.

Twenty countries from Panama to Korea were represented via their culinary offerings, while entertainment included Middle Eastern belly dancing, the swirling costumed Ballet Folklorico of Panama dancers and youngsters from local dance schools. «Read the rest of this article»


Fire/Rescue to conduct live training


Monday, May 19, 2008, starting at 9:30 AM, Clarksville Fire Rescue will conduct a Live Fire Training Session at 544 Lafayette Road, according to Deputy Chief John Stanley of the Clarksville Fire Department.

A request from Mark McCutchen, owner of the property was made to Fire Chief Mike Roberts concerning CFR using this structure for Fire Training and the timely removal of this property. After site inspection by Clarksville Fire Rescue & State of Tennessee it was cleared for a live burn.

CFR is pleased to be provided with this opportunity, thereby offering our new recruits and veteran firefighters training under Live Fire conditions in water supply, pump operations, ventilation and incident command.

This information is made since the public will notice activity involving Fire, Police and other agencies in this area.

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Senior Games, park activities announced


This week nearly 100 of Clarksville’s senior athletes will compete in the 2008 Clarksville Senior Games. Competitions include: 3-on-3 basketball and volleyball, golf, bowling, track, swimming, shuffleboard, horseshoes, badminton, table tennis, and miniature golf. It’s not too late to pick up extra tickets to the Catfish Fry and Sock Hop on Friday night. Tickets can be purchased for $10.50 each at the registration tables Monday evening at Burt-Cobb Community Center starting at 5 p.m.

Several of Clarksville’s younger athletes competed in the Hershey Track and Field Local Meet last Saturday at Kenwood High School’s track and 17 of them will be advancing to the district level competition on June 7th at Dickson County High School. Results of the local meet are posted online in the Leaf Chronicle’s Get Published section.

If you live in one of the neighborhoods surrounding Valleybrook and Coy Lacy Parks or you just frequent the parks often and would like to meet with the City’s Park Rangers about park safety make plans to attend one of the Park Watch meetings May 18. The first meeting is scheduled at Valleybrook from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. The second meeting is scheduled at Coy Lacy Park from 7:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. «Read the rest of this article»


Spring activities abound in Clarksville area


With the onset of spring, fair weather and weekends made for the great outdoors, we offer our readers this photo album representative of the sights, sounds, and activities across the greater Clarksville area. Enjoy.

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