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One Man’s Medal: The Story of George Nishimura – Part 3

George Nishimura

George Nishimura

Clarksville, TN – George Nishimura was now half a world away from home, his family, and all that he had known, as a member of the United States Army, at Camp Shelby Mississippi. The trip had been long and hard, but they were ready to begin their training.

Thousands of Japanese-American men had joined the Army, and were ready to serve.

George and his fellow soldiers were joined at Camp Shelby by 1200 mainland volunteers from the relocation camps. They were called “Katonks” because of the sound their head made when hit, like the sound of a hollow coconut. «Read the rest of this article»

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One Man’s Medal: The Story of George Nishimura: Part 2


George NishimuraClarksville, TN – George Nishimura joined the United States Army at a time when America was at war.  This teenager did what thousands of Japanese-American men did at the time, to show their patriotism to the country that had been their home all of their lives.

George was at home when he heard all of the noise and commotion going on in the neighborhood.  He soon learned that guys coming home from Honolulu saw planes, Japanese planes, bombing Pearl Harbor.  When he turned on the radio he heard the announcer shouting, “Pearl Harbor is under attack!  This is not a drill!” «Read the rest of this article»

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