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Time for Tennessee Virtual Academy to go


Tennessee Representative Joe Pitts

Tennessee State Representative - District 67Nashville, TN – Just a few short years ago the Tennessee General Assembly passed legislation that would allow for-profit companies to create and operate virtual public schools. These schools would have a state-wide reach and offer all classes on-line.

Immediately upon passage of the law, the company K12, Inc. contracted with the Union County Tennessee School District to set up the juggernaut now known as the Tennessee Virtual Academy, serving students in kindergarten through 7th grade.

Since its founding as a public virtual school, the Tennessee Virtual Academy has failed its students and the families who depend on our public education system to provide a good education for all students.

Tennessee Representative Joe Pitts

Tennessee Representative Joe Pitts

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Happenings at the Tennessee Legislature


A bill has been filed to close poor performing for-profit virtual schools

John Tidwell, Tennessee State Representative for District 74

Tennessee State Representative - District 74Nashville, TN – The day after a news story by News Channel 5’s Phil Williams broke alleging a potential grade-fixing scheme by the K12, Inc. operated Tennessee Virtual Academy, the House Education Subcommittee heard legislation that would limit or abolish this underperforming and highly controversial experiment.

Passed in 2011 despite overwhelming evidence of poor performance nationwide, the Tennessee Virtual Schools Act allowed the for-profit Virginia based firm K12, Inc. to begin operating in our state. Since then, the Tennessee Virtual Academy has achieved the lowest scores possible (1 out of a potential 5) in all categories of the state’s TVAAS grading system. «Read the rest of this article»

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Tennessee Democrats believe that working, middle class families can’t trust Mark Green to clean up special interest mess


Election 2012Nashville, TN – As evidence continues to pile up showing that Tennessee’s virtual school experiment is failing students and wasting millions of tax dollars, voters are looking for a solution to fix this harmful mistake. Unfortunately, State Senate candidate Mark Green refuses to say whether he’d be part of the solution in repealing this harmful law.

“Mark Green has been dead silent on the legislature’s multi-million dollar virtual schools mistake and that speaks volumes,” said Chip Forrester, Chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party. “It’s apparent that voters can’t trust Mark Green to stand up to his party bosses or the special interests to fix this wasteful blunder.” «Read the rest of this article»

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Tennessee Senator Tim Barns calls to Invest in Public Education as For-Profit K12 Inc. School Fails Students


The Seal of the State of TennesseeClarksville, TN – Tennessee State Senator Tim Barnes said he is troubled by the dismal performance of a for-profit Tennessee school and renewed calls for broad investments in public education.

“We’re taking students out of good schools in Montgomery County, and then turning their education over to a for-profit company that runs a failing program,” Senator Barnes said. “Meanwhile, our local schools lose state dollars but still have to do the same job. It just defies common sense.” «Read the rest of this article»

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