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Again Deroy doesn’t give all the ‘facts’


Deroy MurdockFor the second week in a row, Deroy Murdock’s spin, otherwise known as a republican talking points, has been published in the local paper with absolutely no opposing view given. In the old days, I just had Cal Thomas to complain about, but at least Molly Ivins was published to counter balance the neo-con Op-ed. But now each week, we, the readers, are blessed with the great unoriginal insight of Deroy Murdock.

This week, Deroy gives the readers certain facts of WMD’s found in Iraq and the subsequent lack of coverage by the “liberal press”. Deroy is out to convince us that over 500 ‘lethal’ WMD’s have been found. These lethal, dangerous weapons were built in 1989, and have been buried for over a decade. Deroy and the newspaper waste 1/5 of the Op-ed page rehashing Peter Hoekstra’s (R-Mich) and Rick Santorum (R-Mich) parading a misleading report of found WMD’s. «Read the rest of this article»

Federal Income Tax, is it a Fraud?


Freedom to Fascism PosterA few years back, I read an interesting book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin. It is a book that reads like an investigative novel, about the history of federal or nationalized banking systems that have been tried in the United States. It argues that the federal income tax is not needed because of the hidden ‘tax’ of inflation through manipulating the currency production.

I also read a book about Andrew Jackson and his campaign to end the national banking system at the time (he succeeded actually). I suppose for a while there it was the flavor of the month in my reading. «Read the rest of this article»

Department of Justice to Hold Meeting with Minority Leaders in Clarksville


US Department of Justice SealA representative from the United States Department of Justice Community Relations Service (CRS) will give a presentation on the functions and duties of the Department of Justice and the (CRS). This agency is known for its proactive approach and promotion of the principles and ideals of non-discrimination to all people of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds.

When: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 starting at 6:00 p.m.
Where: Clarksville Montgomery County Public Library,
350 Pageant Lane, Clarksville, TN.
Moderator: Pastor Tommy Vallejos
Admission: FREE and the event is OPEN to the public!

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