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Federal Income Tax, is it a Fraud?

Freedom to Fascism PosterA few years back, I read an interesting book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin. It is a book that reads like an investigative novel, about the history of federal or nationalized banking systems that have been tried in the United States. It argues that the federal income tax is not needed because of the hidden ‘tax’ of inflation through manipulating the currency production.

I also read a book about Andrew Jackson and his campaign to end the national banking system at the time (he succeeded actually). I suppose for a while there it was the flavor of the month in my reading.

Then the other day, I stumbled across a website about how the 16th amendment was possessedly not ratified by enough states. And that some states that ‘ratified’ the amendment actually used wording that disallowed the right of the federal government to tax wages. Interesting, but even though I dabble in controversy theories, I think most of them are just fun to play with mentally, and you subsequently do learn something from these theories, however apparently small and irrelevant.

Then yesterday, I get an email about this new movie, “America: Freedom to Fascism” from the Howard Switzer, Green Party Candidate for Governor. The movie is called “America: Freedom to Fascism”. The movie’s website has numerous trailers and interviews that you can watch. This movie is dealing the the same topic, that the federal government does not have the power to tax wages, the federal reserve is not federal, etc.

Movie trailer (Running time: 3:10)
Clips from the Movie (Running time: 8:39)

Of course, its not playing in Clarksville or in Tennessee for that matter. So I dropped an email to Nashville Independent Movie house, the Belcourt Theatre, requesting that they look into this movie, that is being billed as the next Fahrenheit 9/11.

Freedom to Fascism PosterThis post is requesting that you also contact the Belcourt, or your local movie house to request that they look into having the movie shown. This idea of independent movies being released outside the normal distribution chain seems to be catching on (most recently, the success of the movie “Wall-mart: The high cost of low prices”) and we can show our support for these movies by letting movie houses know that customers what to see these movies. Please take a moment and show your support for this type of informative, independent media, by requesting that your local movie house show the the movie.

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