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Sales Tax Holiday

Sales Tax HolidayTennessee has declared the weekend of August 4-5-6 its first “sales tax holiday.” For anyone buying school supplies, clothing and related items, including computers, the savings could be substantial.

The items covered by this tax relief program include paper, pens, calculators, markers, notebooks, crayons, folders, reference books, bookbags/backpacks, and all other school/desk supplies. The program also covers clothing, including coats, jackets, boots, shoes, gym clothes, jeans, pants, shirts, raingear, school uniforms, undergarments and nightwear. The program does not cover accessories such as jewelry.

Among the more expensive items covered are computer systems and its preloaded software, cables, keyboards, mouse, laptops, notebooks, printers, ink, and disks. The program does not cover PDAs and MP3 players.

The state defines school supplies as items “used by a student in a course of study.” The tax relief program covers layways made during the tax-free weekend. Most major stores including WalMart have posted lists of supplies required by specific schools and grade levels.


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