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Diet Drinks and Other Diet Goodies

Weight Loss Over the years I and many others trying to watch their weight have spent millions of dollars on diet drinks, diet ice cream, diet foods, diet candies, not to mention all of the over the counter pills, and lets not forget the gym.  What I want to talk a little bit about today is the diet drinks, ice creams and candies.

There is just no getting around it….modifying your eating pattern is darn hard. What ever plan you are on really doesnt matter, it still means you have to give things up. For us carb addicts, you got it, its giving up life as we know and love it…no more pizza, no more potatoes, no more bread (god help me), no more sweets. So for most of us after we see a 5 or 10 lb loss we make the mistake of saying ok now I will allow myself a diet pop a day or a diet slice of icecream or some of the low carb candy (or sugarless).

Almost every person I have ever talked with (and we can say thousands) will tell you that the losing stops or radically slows down as soon as you start introducing these foods. One day in a fit of boredom I got to wondering why. The answer is simple. Sugar alcohol. I am to the point I wont hardly buy anything that has this ingrediant listed. It is lethal to a person trying to watch calories, carbs, fat or anything. It “tricks” the brain into thinking its sugar and therefor it does think that…result is you gain. The body is flat out addicted to sugar. You think not? Try going 3 days without it. You will have the headache from hell. You will have mood swings. Its not nice. The best thing to do if you absolutly have to have some of these sweets, is to have a very small amount of real icecream, or real juice instead of pop, or some fruit for sweets.

My weight today is still 166.6. I didn’t go down from yesterday but I am still in ketosis and well into my third day.  



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