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Clarksville Online author’s home damaged in a fire, donations needed!

Posted By Debbie Boen On Wednesday, August 30, 2006 @ 9:47 pm In Area,News | 4 Comments

House on fireThere’s a man living across from Christine Piesyk who, every morning, sits outside on his porch taking in the new day. This morning Wednesday August 30th 2006, he heard frantic screaming from Christine’s house at a little before 7 a.m.. Then Christine’s front  window exploded and smoke started pouring out of the house. He jumped up and ran for the phone.

When I got to Christine’s house at around 1 pm., the front two windows were black gaping holes. A heap of melted and blackened furniture and other debris was stacked up in the front yard. Christine’s daughter, Kelly, greeted me and said that Christine wasn’t there. She had gone to a hotel that the Red Cross had paid for.

Damage to Christine's home, Front entrance [1]Kelly invited me into the house where she surveyed the damage for another time. She pointed to the wall, “that’s where Grandma’s picture was that she made. I’ll miss that more than anything.” She pointed at all the things that used to be Grandma’s. Finally she found rosary beads that were wrapped around a melted lamp. She grabbed a towel and rubbed the beads until you could see their real color again. It was a little victory.

Here’s what happened that morning:

Damage to Christine's home, Frame on wall [2]Our dear friend Christine Piesyk laid back down to sleep after seeing her three grandkids off to school. Kelley was not at the house, son-in-law was asleep downstairs. Christine was awakened by the family dog leaping and jumping on her repeatedly, making weird noises. “OK, I’ll let you out!” she said. She opened the bedroom door to a house engulfed in flames and smoke. She quickly kicked open the front door for the dog and ran downstairs to awaken her son in law. They all got out except for one lizard.

Christine confesses that if the dog hadn’t jumped on her, she would have died this day.

Damage to Christine's home, Bathroom [3]The family will repair and rebuild. The brave work of trying to clean and save their smoke filled clothes and furniture has begun already. The fire was an electrical one and no one’s fault. This hurts their one income family pretty badly. I went and bought some cleaning supplies and brought them to the son-in-law and he broke down in tears. He said that he always tries to help others, maybe what goes around comes around. If there is any help you would like to give, they would truly appreciate it.

Please make a donation, this is a devastating tragedy for this family. Anything at all will help! We all need to help and support our neighbors in their time of need, because one day it might be our turn to ask for their help.

Note: All money donated through the paypal donation button
goes straight to Christine.

Debbie Boen

P.S. The dog had a well deserved steak dinner today.

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