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Howard Dean on a new direction for America

Democratic Party LogoThe DSC has a press release “Howard Dean On Bush’s ‘Stay The Course’ Strategy For Iowa And Missouri“. There is also a video on a similar vein. Anyone who has yet to vote should take a minute and give a listen. I have attached it below

Today, President Bush will bring his failed ‘stay the course’ policy on Iraq to the Midwest. With even the most ardent Republicans fed up with President’s failed strategies, Bush will appear at rallies in Missouri and Iowa in a last ditch attempt to help the struggling campaigns of Republicans on the ballot this November. Instead of going on the offensive during these midterm elections, Republicans who have rubber-stamped Bush’s disastrous agenda are now playing defense.

“President Bush’s failed, ‘stay the course’ rhetoric is not only bad for America but has been a drag on Republicans on the ballot who have rubberstamped the White House’s failed agenda,” said Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean. “The President continues to stand by his failed Iraq policy that actually creates more terrorists. With today’s reports of more dangerous incompetence, it is clear that President Bush is determined to stay the course at all costs and with no oversight. You simply can’t trust Republicans to keep us safe. The American people are fed up and want to change course. Democrats are offering the American people a new direction that includes a strategy for victory in Iraq that redeploys our troops to better fight the war on terror.”

Bill Larson
Bill Larson
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