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Peace on Earth


DarfurPeace on Earth, good will toward men. Have you heard these words this Christmas season?

I’ve heard of Darfur but admit that I barely know where Sudan is except it is in Northern Africa. I’d guess alot of people said “I don’t know where Aushwitz is” before WWII.

Darfur is our 21st century Holocaust. Genocide. People are slaughtered. Families and children no longer have homes and are starving refugees.

There are days when I’d rather look the other way, change the channel, and pretend the problems don’t exist. After seeing a 60 Minutes piece about the horrors of Rwanda, I decided I must do something to help end this current human suffering.

Join me in contacting our representatives in Washington and tell them we care. We demand the US lead the international community to immediately send UN peacekeeping forces to stop the genocide in Sudan.

Get a pen and paper. Write that it is important to you that the US support a UN peacekeeping force in Sudan. Send your letter to President Bush, Senator Alexander, Senator Corker, Rep. Blackburn or others.

Be a part of the solution. Be a good Samaritan. It may be a small thing but it is something.

Peace to all this Christmas season.

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