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One button says it all, Don’t buy war toys


Don't buy war toys from a Drawing by Jo Billings available as a poster for $5.00 at was rumaging through the last boxes, the little boxes packed within boxes, of things to sort in my new home, when I found this small blue button and its four word slogan, “Don’t buy war toys,” one of several given to me years ago by teacher, activist, and author Joyce Kornbluh, my inspirational first advisor at Goddard College in rural Vermont. The others had to to with the women’s labor movement, her passion.

I held it in my hand as I first considered putting it in my personal treasures box. Not good enough, I thought. I need to wear this again, now, when the frenzy of holiday shopping is at its peak and the fatalities in Iraq are skyrocketing toward the 3000 mark and the newest movies are being heralded as “bloodbaths,” each director trying to outdo competitors in graphic audio/visual detail. «Read the rest of this article»

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