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Political music videos

Posted By Bill Larson On Friday, March 30, 2007 @ 4:35 pm In Opinion,Politics | No Comments

Barry McGuire Eve of DestructionHere’s a collection of protest music as a continuation of our Dear Mr. President article [1] from the other day. Each of the videos below pose questions which deserve answers, but will likely never receive one from this administration. Oh well, I guess we can look forward to the next one in 2008.

Eve of Destruction

Barry McGuire [2]‘s classic anti-war song, Eve of Destruction.

We can’t make it here anymore

A excellent song by James Mcmurtry, the video is by Peter Anderson

‘We Can’t Make It Here’ is a seven-minute state-of-the-union mantra that looks at the Bush claims of economic recovery and finds nothing but smoke and mirrors. – Texas Monthly

Visit James Mcmurty’s web site at http://www.jamesmcmurtry.com/ [3]

Dear Mr. President

This is not Pink’s Dear Mr. President song. It’s an original song written in 2001 by up and coming artist Jamison [4]. This is not a pro or anti war song, but a song about the loss for victory. It’s a wonderful song by a great artist. Video by phillygrrl.

That Is the War on Terror

“That Is the War on Terror” is on Roy Zimmerman [5]‘s CD “Faulty Intelligence,” which is available on iTunes and on his website.

Bring them home

Burns Sisters [6] sing “Bring Them Home”

The Bush Legacy

Randel W McGirr’s song about the legacy George W. Bush will be leaving behind in 2008

That’s enough for now… I am sure there will be more later!

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