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June 2 Green Power Festival – Hohenwald, TN


Green PowerSaturday, June 2, in Hohenwald TN, the second annual Sonnenschein Festival will have music, nature, alternative energy and art! This years festival will be the biggest Green Power Festival in Middle Tennessee. This notice was sent out by Jennifer Dauksha-English.

It will include 25 green power speakers, an alternative vehicle and fuel exposition, two music stages powered by solar energy, a tour of alternative homes, an energy play shop for kids, an eco-film fest, the debut of Middle Tennessee’s Green Living Journal and much more!! The festival opens June 1 with an Ecovillage Experience Weekend at the Ecovillage Training Center on the Farm Community in Summertown, TN and a Cumberland Greens Bioregional Council Gathering. «Read the rest of this article»

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Um, Can I have my Freedom of Speech Back?


images.jpgWell lately it seems that what I post on the internet is not taken seriously or worst as the inane ramblings of a 20 year old male who has no college degree who therefore by logic knows nothing of the world around him regardless of how open his eyes are.

Truly astonishing.

Since when does a piece of paper say I know more than someone else? Congratulations. You have a piece of paper that says you paid money to learn something that could be learned for free. You may even be able to recall that information at any given time granted you went to class, paid attention, and passed with something more than a “C’ average. I applaud your efforts and yet I understand that it is all needed to find the cheese.

You know what else is truly astonishing?

Freedom of Speech is fast becoming a joke amongst people, primarily those in authoritative positions, i.e. managers, politicians, religious leaders, etc.

We have been so caught up in the P.C. phenomenon that has swept through our television and other means of communication that we are now unable to express ourselves as we see fit in fear that we may offend someone or it may be deemed “socially unacceptable” or worse, “unprofessional.”

I say psssh to P.C. «Read the rest of this article»

Not so long ago in a theater near you …


Original Star Wars posterOnce upon a time there was a handsome young man from a broken family, living on a planetary wasteland with an aunt and uncle…he races around his lunar-like landscape on a landspeeder, running errands for his uncle — things like buying androids and robots from very short creatures wearing inter-galactic versions of monks robes — but in one violent afternoon, he finds himself en route to becoming an inter-gallactic hero …

Welcome to world of Luke Skywalker, Director George Lucas’s ground-breaking fantasy that would rev up the imaginations of millions of moviegoers. That was 30 years ago (May 25, 1977). Where were you when Star Wars changed the face of movies? «Read the rest of this article»

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