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Um, Can I have my Freedom of Speech Back?

images.jpgWell lately it seems that what I post on the internet is not taken seriously or worst as the inane ramblings of a 20 year old male who has no college degree who therefore by logic knows nothing of the world around him regardless of how open his eyes are.

Truly astonishing.

Since when does a piece of paper say I know more than someone else? Congratulations. You have a piece of paper that says you paid money to learn something that could be learned for free. You may even┬ábe able to recall that information at any given time granted you went to class, paid attention, and passed with something more than a “C’ average. I applaud your efforts and yet I understand that it is all needed to find the cheese.

You know what else is truly astonishing?

Freedom of Speech is fast becoming a joke amongst people, primarily those in authoritative positions, i.e. managers, politicians, religious leaders, etc.

We have been so caught up in the P.C. phenomenon that has swept through our television and other means of communication that we are now unable to express ourselves as we see fit in fear that we may offend someone or it may be deemed “socially unacceptable” or worse, “unprofessional.”

I say psssh to P.C.

Is it so wrong to simply state a fact or facts in their simplest terms? Sounds mathematical doesn’t it?

Today’s society says it is Ok for an employer to locate information that you post about yourself or personal ideals and thoughts and use them against you. That doesn’t seem fair does it? They have something to hang you with and you can’t even defend yourself. It’s sad that a business would stoop so low as to pursue such a thing. It is almost as though the business is looking to fire people, which is odd because the business is always saying that we are not looking for ways to fire you.

But wait… it might harm the reputation of the business you work for!!! That’s right. Right now as you type something to someone it may hurt the reputation of the business you work for. Granted, the fact that wages in many Clarksville businesses are lowest in their industries is not a factor. Neither is the fact that the standards are set pretty high are more contributing factors than maybe someone saying something in regards to increased competition in order to drive wages and preformance.

Consider the following equation if you will:

I pay you “X” and you give me “Y” and the result will be “Z”

So lets plug in factors for X,Y,Z:

I pay you “$12.00 an hr” and you give me “Good Consistant Performance” and the result will be “a happy work enviroment and the opportunity to get higher raises due to bonuses recieved for meeting the Good Consistant Performance standard not to mention the money I just saved by not having to train another person.”


I pay you “$15.00 an hr” and you give me “Great Consistant Performance” and the result will be “a happier work enviroment and of course the opportunity to get even better raises due to bonuses recieved for meeint the Great Consistant Performance standard not to mention the money I just saved by not having to train another person.”

Ha! They say “I don’t know nothing,” but you get the picture.

The formula can be adapted to any business plan.

Before I go I want to impart a few helpful tips to those loyal readers out there:

1.) If you are going to express your opinions and support capitialistic free trade competition on an open website be prepared to take some heat from the kitchen as this God given Constitutional protected right will be questioned at length for no gain other than to attempt to intimidate someone into being quiet.

2.) Using your real name as a username on an open website and not lying about it when asked kinda throws some people off because they are not used to the truth.

3.) Be prepared to be watched like a hawk both online and at work. You can go in two different directions with this aspect. Be careful. You never know who is watching, judging you, so be sure to use good grammar and spell check often as to avoid embarassing mistakes. If you’re going to get talked to about what you wrote, you don’t want it to look like a three-year-old wrote it.

4.) In an attempt to avoid a higher level of flame from said kitchen avoid particular names of companies or employees. That only draws people’s attention to your opinion faster.

So be sure to excercise your Freedom of Speech until it is a fully developed weapon of truth telling and remember: “The pen is mightier than the sword” your congressmen exemplify this truth everyday. Don’t know what I am talking about? Go ask a veteran.

Christopher Leehttp://www.myspace.com/christopher_for_office
Currently riding the ride called life, dealing with the ups and downs associated with it. I consider myself a very aware person, concerned with the state our nation and the world in general. I write from the heart and am strong in my beliefs. I do not waiver in my beliefs, but respect other's ability to believe something different. I am currently attending college at APSU, working towards my B.S. in Political Science with a Concentration in Legal Studies. I am employed by Convergys Corp. and have worked there since 2005.


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