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Following Second Death, Parents Remove Children from Chad Youth Enhancement Center

terrymcmoore.jpg“I find it very strange that two healthy teens suddenly drop dead upon being restrained for unruliness by staff members at this facility. Something does not sound right about these deaths and we intend to do a full investigation to not only get to the bottom of the truth but to make sure that the current youths housed at this facility are not being subjected to physical or life threatening abuse at the hands of staff members.” Comments from Urban Resource Center Director Terry McMoore to the media following the death of 17 year old Omega Leach.

Nashville’s NewsChannel 5 Reported the Following:

A third agency is expected to join state and local agencies investigating a treatment center for troubled youth.

At least two children have died while in the care of the Chad Youth Enhancement Center, with the latest happening this past weekend.

Two more families now admit that they pulled their youngsters out, fearing for their safety.

The mothers said that their children have problems and that they welcome help in disciplining them.

But they claim the center operates more like a prison.

“I took her out,” said parent Norma Davis.

Davis pulled her daughter from the center.

“That’s it, we’re signing him out,” said another parent Edith Ruland.

Their accusation is that the center’s staff is abusive.

“All of a sudden, I just remember going down to the ground. And I guess when I raised my head up she slammed it back down, and my mouth was pouring blood,” said Davis’ daughter, Atlanta Redman, who once stayed at the center.

According to Davis, the staff calls the maneuver a “safety hold” to restrain an out-of-control child.

Davis calls it criminal… – Visit NewsChannel5 to read the rest of this article, and for Photos and Video



  1. I myself was in chad for four months. Let me say, it was a my worst experience in life, it was a living hell. I am so glad to be outta that hell hole. Idk if the place is still up and running or not but if it is it shouldn’t be. I didn’t see Omega’s death but I WAS there when it happened. The staff covered it up and made it look like everything was our faults. How can a death be our fault if the staff are the ones that did it? They wouldn’t even let the investigators ask the kids questions. You had to worry constanly about being jumped. Everyday to me was just a living nightmare…. Please spread the word so no one else dies in there… If anyone needs anymore info feel free to write me at shanemj92@hotmail.com

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