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City Council Retreat- What Does It All Mean? How Does It Impact You?

Posted By Turner McCullough Jr. On Tuesday, June 12, 2007 @ 11:25 pm In Politics | 5 Comments

A private citizen’s reflections on our city council’s 2 Day Kentucky Retreat.

Having made the trip to Lake Barkley, I was impressed with the diversity of ideas expressed by our council members and city department heads. As for the event location, it was quicker to drive to Lake Barkley Resort than Paris Landing. It would have been good to have held this function instate, but that was not the decision.

Council members and city department reps, Saturday morning

The ideas, goals and mission statement of the retreat represent a declared new vision for our city. The actual realization of those ideals will be the real test. The promised final report should be “must reading” for all citizens and residents. Pour over it with a fine tooth comb. Capital projects will likely warrant intense and dynamic scrutiny by the electorate. Proposals will not meet with everyone’s approval. These officials have agreed upon a plan for Clarksville’s future. Our future.

Council Membrs Bill Summers (L) & Marc Harris (R). (photo by Terry McMoore)

Council Members Jim Doyle (Left) & Geno Grubbs (Right). Photo by Terry McMoore

As such, WE MUST:

  1. be diligent in attending the details of those plans;
  2. make ourselves fully informed of the facts of those plans, proposals and initiatives;
  3. share our interpretations of these plans and goals with our elected and appointed government officials and provide them with coherent feedback and suggested alternatives, where appropriate;
  4. hold our government accountable for non-waiverable mandates, dictates and requirements of federal law and oversight which protect and insure receipt of federal financial assistance to our city and correct any deficiencies wherever they may exist, to include seeking federal assistance to make those corrections. This will insure continued eligibility for federal financial assistance. It will also enhance our status as a community that embraces and supports its diversity.;
  5. the city image should be upgraded, city beautification projects must be crafted for all areas of the city, and private efforts should be recognized for their participation. However, any deficiency also should not be ignored or hidden away, but rather, given due diligence to achieve a positive resolution.

The realization of the proposed changes will entail pursuit of new revenue streams, and that was recognized as not meaning increased or new taxes. Proposals to tackle old and emerging problems were also discussed.

Public Safety Highpoints. Photo by Terry McMoore

City Operations & Communications Highpoints. Photo by Terry McMoore

Public safety was addressed. It cannot be emphasized enough that our law enforcement leaders have all declared that incarceration alone IS NOT the answer. Young people MUST have clear, viable opportunities to develop their potential talents. They MUST have clear, identifiable means to address social and academic shortcomings that preclude the judicial system. Human resource is our greatest asset in economic recruitment and development. Locking our young people away in penal situations wastes one of our most valuable asset for growth. Resources to aid law enforcement must be updated in a timely fashion. Recreational outlets for all levels of our socio-economic diversity MUST be addressed. Recreation outlets need to be increased in previously underserved areas of our city community. Additionally, new outlets MUST be incorporated in our ever expanding growth infrastructure model.

These are realities facing Clarksville. This retreat was presented to the public as an effort to confront, analyze and prioritize those realities. Citizen input will be crucial to accomplishing these goals so essential to our future. Be factual, analytical and concise. Forget the emotional, petty and vindictive. This game is serious business and those negatives will only insure defeat if you pursue them.

Being an informed, attentive and involved citizenry is our only true option in this coming upheaval. Those who fail to get on board will surely be left behind at the train station. Where will you be?

dsci0011.JPG- CPD Deputy Ch. Gray, Ch. Ansley & others listen

Brett Sciotto (L) addresses council membes as Mayor Piper (R) observes. Photo by Terry McMoore

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