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Hate Crime Survivor, Thought Recovering, Now Suicides

AP photo of David Ritcheson by Karen WarrenThere are a multitude of people who keep saying that racism in America is passe, a relic of the past. That all minorities have to do is simply apply themselves and success will be theirs. To a 18-year old David Ritcheson, those claims proved unbearably false. Having initially survived a horrendous four hour physical and psychological assault, the student was thought to be making a remarkable recovery from his ordeal. College was assured him thru a free scholarship by the Anti-Defamation League. He testified before Congress in support of anti-hate crime legislation.

He was going to dedicate his life’s work to preventing hate crimes such as he had endured. However, some demons apparently still lingered on. Some pain was too great to overcome. For complete details, see the following pages:

The Dallas Morning News


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