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Bush Is Coming to Nashville TOMORROW

Nashville Peace and Justice CenterJoin Nashville Progressives in Two Anti-Bush Rallies!! President George W. Bush Jr. will be in Nashville Thursday, July 19, 2007. Let’s get together and make some noise!  He’ll be here to talk about his economic agenda.  He’ll be going to the Nashville Bun Company at around 11:00 a.m. (2975 Armory Drive, Nashville, TN  37204) until 11:20 or 11:30 a.m., likely to show support for small business.  

We imagine that this will be a media event with lots of press — a golden opportunity for progressives to get our unified message out about CUTTING THE MILITARY BUDGET and SPENDING ON EDUCATION, JOBS, etc. FOR OUR FUTURE.  Please join us in protest of Bush and his war agenda at 10:30 a.m. at the Nashville Bun Company.  We will convene as close to the entrance as possible (looks for our signs). 

After that, Bush will head to the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center.  He’s expected to arrive at around 11:45 a.m.  We’ll be there!  Join us on the sidewalks and parking lots on the north side of McGavock Pike, across the street from the main entrance to the hotel.

Bring signs!

Questions? Contact Eric Schecter – (615) 414-4572

About The Nashville Peace and Justice Center (NPJC)

The Nashville Peace and Justice Center (NPJC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting equity and creating a peaceful, just and sustainable society through reflection, education and non-violent action. SPREAD THE WORD! Change is possible, and it happens everyday! Forward this message to everyone you know, and encourage them to join our mailing list. To subscribe to our weekly E-blast, send an e-mail with “subscribe to E-blast” in the subject line to info@nashvillepeacejustice.org. To receive our bi-monthly newsletter, Alternatives, and other mailings, include your name and contact info in the body of the email (along with issues and/or organizations that interest you).

Debbie Boen
Debbie Boen
Debbie and her family moved to Clarksville slightly after the tornado of 1999. Debbie founded the group, Clarksville Freethinkers for Peace and Civil Liberties, in 2004. She participated in Gathering to Save Our Democracy, a group dedicated to obtaining free and verifiable elections in Tennessee. She has supported groups including the NAACP, Nashville Peace Coalition, PFLAG, Friends of Dunbar Cave and the Mountain Top Removal Series of Films and speakers. She participated as an artist in the ARTZ gallery group in Clarksville and won Best of Show, First and 2 Second Place awards for four of her sculptures. She won a voter's choice award for a performance at the Roxy Regional Theatre. She is a wife, mother and cancer survivor. She is always amazed at the capabilities of the human spirit, and the wisdom to find humor when there is none.


  1. Bush is a good man. He doesn’t derserve this type of riddicule. He is doing what he thinks is necessary to protect America. You may not agree, but he was elected TWICE and as far as defense spending goes, well, if our defense fails, pretty much nothing else will matter. It won’t matter about education, jobs or our future. This concept of prioritizing needs to be welcomed when it comes to government spending. That way, when funds start running low and the people are faced with a tax increase, they will know the necessities have been accounted for and they can decide if they want their taxes raised to provide funding for other areas the government meddles in.

  2. But in doing so he has violated everything that made America the envy of the world. He violated the constitution, his oath of office, he violated the trust of the American people, he violated more laws than I can count. He administration ridicules America.

    We impeached Clinton over perjury, lying in a deposition in a civil trial, But Bush has done things which go way beyond that. His political party continues to ignore all of that in the name of party loyalty.

    The Republican obstructionists in congress betray our Nation every second they delay the impeachment of this administration for their high crimes and misdemeanors. They earn our scorn for every soldier that is injured or dies in Iraq, a war stated to allow war profiters to milk the American taxpayers. They are the true enemies of this Nation and sooner or later they WILL pay the price for their actions.

    Section V of The project for a New American Century’s Rebuilding America’s Defenses, entitled “Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force”, includes the sentence: “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor”

    Then we have the events the day after the attacks of 9/11

    The next day in the same meeting continued, “Rumsfeld complained that there were no decent targets in Afghanistan and that we should consider bombing Iraq, which he said had better targets. At first I thought Rumsfeld was joking. But he was serious and the President did not reject out of hand the idea of attacking Iraq. Instead, he noted that what we needed to do with Iraq was to change the government, not just hit it with more cruise missiles, as Rumfeld had implied.”

    We should be concentrating on bringing our troops home, getting our troops out of the quagmire in Iraq so we can go after Al-qaeda, and ending the continued violations of federal law by this administration. The list goes on and on.

    But what I truly can’t understand is how YOU, a patriotic citizen, can continue to ignore all this.

    • 3,619 US dead, 26,558 US wounded, and up to 650,000 dead Iraqi civilians.
    • Shredding of the Constitution and the principles it enshrines.
    • Signing statements
    • Secret Rendition
    • Torture
    • Indefinite detention
    • Suspension of Habeas Corpus, the great writ
    • Warrantless spying
    • Enabling and supporting war profiteering
    • The massively botched response to Hurricane Katrina
    • Violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance act
    • National Security Presidential Directive 51 and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20
    • The Patriot act, which was anything but
    • Lying to Congress, the American people, and the world to justify a war in Iraq
    • Sidelining the war against Al Qaeda and Bin Laden in Afghanistan, for a more profitable war in Iraq
    • No bid contracts
    • Obstruction of the Congress’s legitimate oversight responsibilities
    • Leaking the identity of a covert CIA agent to the press to punish a critic of the administration
    • Politicizing the justice department
    • Firing the US Attorneys then lying about it
    • I posted this in another article on this site, but it never hurts bringing it up again

  3. Why shouldn’t we cut the military budget, we could use it to pay for education, healthcare, job creation, and so much more.

    We would still have the biggest military, spend the most per GDP on our military than any other nation, and perhaps that would discourage these wars for profit.

    Supporting the troops has very little to do with the defense budget!

  4. Go to that link in comment #5, watch the video, read the article, and ask yourself if for the money we spend why they are not getting the equipment and training they need. It’s not because we don’t spend more than enough money. It’s mainly due to waste and abuse of the system. We spend more on our military than all the other nations of the world combined.

    It goes back to what Eisenhower tried to warn us about back in the 1950’s during his farewell address

    Warning the above video contains some profanity

  5. Bill, “Partiotism is a virtue of the vicious”,Oscar Wilde. True, I am a savage when it comes to the love of my country and I don’t like seeing it destroyed or our efforts undermined. I would like to address each point you made.

    1)3,619 US dead, 26,558 US wounded, and up to 650,000 dead Iraqi civilians.

    People die in wars. That’s why they call it a war.

    2)Shredding of the Constitution and the principles it enshrines.
    Exactly what laws were violated, and if this was such a solid arguement, do you really think they(democrats) would not have impeached him by now?

    3)Signing statements

    Not sure what you mean.

    4) Secret Rendition

    Do you mean “classified operations”? Every President has done this!


    Forgive me if I feel little compassion after seeing my fellow Americans jumping to their death to escape burning jet fuel, or are you talking about when radical islamists torture?

    6)Indefinite detention

    See #5

    7)Suspension of Habeas Corpus, the great writ

    Here’s a link, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habeas_corpus , Clinton did it, and Bush at least interjected the term non-citizen into it and was voted on in congress and upheld by the US court of appeals. ( MCA of 2006)

    8)Warrantless spying

    As long as one party is in another country! Name ONE drug dealer or one citizen who has been prosectuted for this. They wouldn’t be. The prosecution would have to disclose how they obtained information and the case would be dismissed if there wasn’t a warrant. If it helps prevent you or I from being killed and there’s not a chance one could be convicted from it, what’s the big deal?

    8)Enabling and supporting war profiteering

    This is a characteristic of war. Is Bush also enabling and supporting the destruction of our environment by allowing the government to purchase paper used for welfare applications? Would he not be supporting profiteering from the company who won the contract to manufacture that paper? How far can we go with this?

    9)The massively botched response to Hurricane Katrina

    Well, it WAS the first time in history a disaster area was declared BEFORE the event took place. Also there was the mandatory evacuation. You can’t tell me all those who stayed could not have left. Sure some didn’t have the capability, but we are talking about the VAST majority that CHOSE to stay.

    10)Violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance act

    See #5

    11)National Security Presidential Directive 51 and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20

    What about them?

    12)The Patriot act, which was anything but

    Bill, I can’t read your mind, what about it, specifically.

    13)Lying to Congress, the American people, and the world to justify a war in Iraq

    So please elaborate as to how and when he “lied”. Do you mean being WRONG in speculating the degree of a threat?

    14)Sidelining the war against Al Qaeda and Bin Laden in Afghanistan, for a more profitable war in Iraq

    Last I heard, we were still in Afghanistan, fighting. Profitable? Then we should be able to pay off the national debt.

    15)No bid contracts

    Clinton gave Haliburton these in Bosnia. The reasons vary, but mostly because the are the only ones that can do what is requested in the contract.

    16)Obstruction of the Congress’s legitimate oversight responsibilities

    Are you referring to the separation of powers, or what precisely and how has Bush done this?

    17)Leaking the identity of a covert CIA agent to the press to punish a critic of the administration

    How can you speculate as to WHY her identity was leaked?

    18)Politicizing the justice department

    Politics are everywhere.

    19)Firing the US Attorneys then lying about it

    Gonna have to check that out.

    Al Qaeda IS in Iraq now and we definitely can’t let them gain control there. Bill I use common sense and look at things very objectively. Bush has made many mistakes in office, INCLUDING the operations of these wars, not securing our borders, failing to privatize social security, commuting Scooter Libby’s sentence and not doing enough to combat radical Islamists who believe it is their duty to kill us.

    I have my views as to what he has failed to do, and you have yours. The problem I see with some of your views is that they are based on speculation and politically motivated. Everything is not a “conspiracy”. I could make a long list of how the Democrats(some of them, not all) have undermined our troops and fought every aspect and every decision Bush has made, but I won’t because what I have found, is that’s politics. It’s a shame that jockeying for political power has become more important than the interest of the people but such is the price of a representitive republic. What I’m getting at, is if we as average citizens can’t compromise and refrain from speculation and propaganda, how can we expect our elected officials to do any better?

    David, I think you summed up everything I was thinking, I should have just typed, “yeah, what he said”!

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