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Images of Thursday’s Concert at the Park w/The 91st Division Army Band

The City of Clarksville, TennesseeOn Thursday night, the 91st Division Army Reserves Band from Camp Parks, California came to Clarksville. They performed their “Trail of Dreams” concert to a good sized crowd. The music was lively, full of patriotic fervor, and very entertaining. The crowd was diverse and representative of the city of Clarksville.

This event continues the Clarksville Parks and Recreation department’s commitment to bring fun wholesome activities for the average family to do in our city. This is something that should continued, and even to be expanded to bring even more frequent and varied activities for the citizens of Clarksville.

Tomorrow night be sure to attend Movies in park at the fairgrounds, games start at 7:15pm and the movies begin at 8:30pm. If movies are not your thing, check out the Friends of Dunbar Cave’s Cooling at the cave event which is being held at Dunbar Cave from 4pm to 6pm. Or you could attend both!

Images from the Concert

The Audio Technician

SGT Huang carrying his instrument to the stage

Specialist Jheirl Rivera carrying his horn to go warm up Two of the four bagpipe players
Trombone player 1SG Keith Barlow carries instruments up as the band gets ready to warm up for the evenings performance French Horn Player Specialist Rachel Smith with her instrument
Making sure everything is just right Specialist Jheirl Rivera warming up on his Tenor Saxophone
1SG Keith Barlow with his Trombone Flute & Picclo section leader SSG Gena Hassan is deep in thought as fellow band members warm up around her
Clarinet player SGT John Kopping and his instrument Bagpipe players with their instruments
A mother with her child in tow heads up the stairs Park ranger Derrick Oliver keeps a watchful eye on things
The Master of Ceremonies SSG Bill Tubbs welcomes the crowd Young and old stands for the National Anthem
The crowd eagerly awaits the first number Commender of the 91st Division band CW2 Richard Servantez launches into the first number
Percussion section leader SSG William Clark’s drumroll starts things off Cw2 Richard Servantez conducts the 91st Division with style and flair
The Master of Ceremonies and the American flag frame an image familiar to most Clarksville Residents


CW2 Richard ServantezEnlisted Bandleader
1SG Keith M. Barlow
Flute / Piccolo
* SSG Gena Hassan
   SGT Katelynn Kapki
   SPC Maria Haller
   SPC Jessica MayerAlto Saxophone
   SGT Derek Imamura

Tenor Saxophone
   SPC Dean Wedlow
   SPC Jheirl Rivera

Baritone Saxophone
   SPC Gerald Gimalay

 * SGT Kurt Kellersberger

   SFC Megan Nelson
Ø SSG Bill Tubbs
   SGT Casey Young
* SPC Rob Roy

   SGT Steven Rodenkirk
   SPC Jason Gardner

String Bass
ƒ SGT Conrad Myers

Support Staff
   SGT Marie Brazio

   SGT Sandra Fisher
   SGT John KoppingOboe
? SPC Armen Savadians

   SGT Nick Conover
   SGT Johnna Magee
* SPC Kendell Mease
   SPC Ashley Richardson
   SPC Richard Williams

French Horn
* SPC Rachel Smith
   SPC Lindsay IshoyTrombone
   1SG Keith Barlow
   SGT James Salmon

SSG William Clark
   SGT Michael Palmonari
   SGT Gerald Walker 
   SPC Jared Parker
   SPC Michael Hanson 

* SPC Ming Huang
   SPC Angel Riley
Electric Guitar
   Shon Acuna

ƒ Drum Major
Ø Master of Ceremonies
? Concert Master
* Section Leader

Bill Larson
Bill Larson
Bill Larson is  is politically and socially active in the community. Bill is a member of the Friends of Dunbar Cave. You can reach him via telephone at 931-249-0043 or via the email address below.


  1. Thanks Bill, for the wonderful photos and acknowledgement of the band members. I had chills listening to the bagpipes play and the entire band was great! One song acknowledged every branch of service and people in the audience stood as their service song played. We were respectful, grateful and in awe. And liberals mingled with conservatives while the music erased the differences.

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