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High Heat warnings issued for Clarksville and surrounding area

2007 Heat WaveExtreme high heat weather warning have been extended through the coming week with heat indexes expected to average 100-105 through the first half of the week and reach even higher by week’s end, according to the National Weather Service and weather.com.

Combined with the ongoing drought, the heat can be expected brown out lawns and increase potential for fire (grass, brush). No rain is expected, though some thunderstorms may develop toward the end of the week.

This heat is deadly. Residents of Middle Tennessee are urged to use caution, check on the wellbeing of neighbors (especially the elderly), and help pets stay cool by keeping them indoors or in shade with plenty of fresh cool water. Do not leave pets or anyone in a closed parked car, since temperatures can soar to deadly levels in minutes. People with respiratory, blood pressure or other health related issues will be particularly affected by this heat wave, and by the dangerously poor air quality and ozone levels accompanying it.

Limit time outdoors at the peak of the day, and consume plenty of liquids to stay hydrated. Know the sign of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and pay attention to your body’s messages. if you are outside and don’t feel well, get inside and stay cool.


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