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Saturday, June 10, 2023
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A summer for the record books

thermometerco.JPGIt’s been a long, hot summer, and it’s not quite over yet. The relentless heat has toppled records dating back 137 years in Nashville, and there hasn’t been a lot of difference in the “feels like” heat between Nashville and downtown Clarksville.

Sunday marked the 32nd consecutive day of highs over 90, breaking a 53-year-old record, and setting another record — 24 consecutive days of 95+ temps. Middle Tennessee broke five daily high temp records in August.

Fifteen days in August saw temperatures top the 100 degree mark, more than twice as many as ever before recorded, and records have been maintained since 1870.

The daily high temperature in the greater Nashville area was 99.7 degrees.

It’s also bee a dry summer, with only 3.92 inches of rain recorded at Nashville since June 1.

These statistics do not reflect heat indexes, which can add six or more degrees to the heat levels in urban centers and extensively paved areas.

In Clarksville, we are in for a few more days of 90+ heat, but the end may be in sight: forecasters are calling for a “cool down” into the upper 80s by week’s end. No rain, though. At least not yet.


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