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Monell’s reprises Soldier Sunday


co-divers-protraining.JPGMonell’s Restaurant in Franklin, TN, will reprise its highly successful Soldier Sunday program from 11-2. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Underwater Warriors Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides scuba training and certification as part of combined mind, body, spirit healing for severely injured soldiers.

The benefit luncheon is offered on the first Sunday of every month by Monell owner Michael King. The meal features home cooked family-style food. The August event drew patrons from across Middle and Western Tennessee, and soldiers participating in the program were on hand to meet their supporters for this unique program.

Underwater Training is held at Fort Campbell, and family members over age 10 are encouraged to share this training and learning experience with their wounded soldier in the safe environment of a pool. Discover Scuba classes are the first step toward certification in this activity and allows soldiers to “test the water” and the world of scuba before committing to open water dive training and certification. «Read the rest of this article»

Indiana Jones whips through Drive-In Saturday Night; Indy 4 coming in 2008


Film & Video

indiana-jones-in-raiders.JPGThe first time I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), I left the theater exhausted, as if I had raced through the adventure right alongside the now legendary Indiana Jones. I raced back to the studio with my partner Jesse and we wrote our review that night, taped our radio program in the wee hours of the morning for a 7 a.m. airtime, and made plans to see it again. That night.

Harrison Ford made the inter-gallactic leap from his dashing Han Solo of the futuristic Star Wars to the historic backdrop of pre-World War II and carved a niche in a second, equally swashbuckling role as a seemingly mild-mannered college professor with a secret life as a treasure hunter. Raiders hits the screen on a dead run, with ‘Indy’ scooping a golden idol and fleeing angry natives (Hovitos) in a plane that has the one thing he hates most: a huge snake. That ‘little’ weakness is endearing in this tough guy persona.

Indy is about to get the biggest challenge of his life in the form of a quest for a holy grail of sorts: the Ark of the Covenant, the supposed repository for the Ten Commandments of biblical fame. He has to grab it before the Nazis do, for whoever holds the covenant will rule the world.

Enter Marion (Karen Allen) as his gutsy former lover turned partner, a woman who holds her own against killers, conspirators, and all things evil. A Princess Leia for the 1930s. «Read the rest of this article»

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