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The greatest American hero


Who would have thought that this simple, friendly fellow from Lexington, KY would come into our homes and touch our hearts. This video is dedicated to Jim Varney who is truly the Greatest American Hero.

Blind Vendors denied contract to work at Montgomery County Jail


michael.jpgThe Leaf Chronicle’s newspaper history can be traced back to 1808. It has survived a tornado and numerous leadership changes.

Being the oldest newspaper in print in Clarksville – Montgomery County, though,  can be both an advantage and a handicap when it comes to providing the community detailed coverage of the news of the day.

Thanks to the internet, we “news heads” have many sources to chose from to help fill the gaps corporate news groups sometime create to meet the bottom line. I would like to thank the Leaf Chronicle news paper for printing the numerous stories that I have either submitted or been involved in, but sometimes they fall just a little short in getting the complete idea of what the person they are interviewing is trying to say.

The following is a letter in its entirety I submitted to local and nationwide chat rooms in an effort to plug up the holes that appeared in the article that ran in the Leaf Chronicle about the closing of the commissary inside the Montgomery County [TN] Jail. «Read the rest of this article»

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Trail of Tears PowWow celebrates Native American culture


img_3582-1.JPGDrummers drummed, dancers danced, and festivities went on despite the threat of rain at the annual Trail of Tears Indian PowWow in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, this weekend.

The event, which attracted hundreds of visitors, is a celebration of Native American culture and of the Cherokee people who marched through this area, banished from the Georgia landscape that was their home and heritage.

Having spent part of the day Saturday at the Trail of Tears PowWow in Christian County, Clarksville Online Author Debbie Boen, a naturalist and artist, wrote:

“As I listened to the drumming and watched the the dances I felt grounded, connected to the earth.  There’s no way to intellectually explain why that it so, but it’s a feeling of going home, really going home. I looked around at all the different kinds of people visiting the PowWow and knew that they were feeling that way too (and they can’t explain it either). «Read the rest of this article»

Artists showcased at Smith-Trahern


Clarksville Online presents a small sampling of the art exhibited at the Smith-Trahern Mansion as part of the weekend RiverFest celebration.

Photographer and artist Debbie Boen toured the exhibit and took these photos, commenting “It took my breath away. Everyone is a winner in my book.” Our small photos do not justice to the works shown here; for that, a trip to Smith-Trahern is required.

Heidi Hopkins: Tentative Friendship (digital photography)



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Turn down the volume; City Council passes tougher noise abatement laws


co-noise-1.JPGTwo amendments to the city’s noise ordinances were passed last week with far less fanfare and controversy that the original proposals garnered; the amendments limit the volume of both exterior and interior sound levels through the city.

The first amendment prohibits the playing of any loudspeaker that can be heard 25 feet beyond a property line. Exemptions to this amendment include city, county and school events, sports events, and pages using public address systems.

The regulations exempt current businesses with public address systems if those systems are pointing downward and not directing sound outward from their place of business and only if those systems are used for the purpose of paging. Businesses that open after October 1, 2007, will not be exempt.

The amendment also places strict limits on interior noise by prohibiting playing audio sounds that can be heard beyond one foot of an interior wall. In other words, if it can be heard more than a foot into your neighbor’s apartment, it’s too loud and against the law.

The second amendment bans the use of all-terrain vehicles and go-carts within city limits if that use is deemed a nuisance by neighbors. «Read the rest of this article»

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