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Turn down the volume; City Council passes tougher noise abatement laws

co-noise-1.JPGTwo amendments to the city’s noise ordinances were passed last week with far less fanfare and controversy that the original proposals garnered; the amendments limit the volume of both exterior and interior sound levels through the city.

The first amendment prohibits the playing of any loudspeaker that can be heard 25 feet beyond a property line. Exemptions to this amendment include city, county and school events, sports events, and pages using public address systems.

The regulations exempt current businesses with public address systems if those systems are pointing downward and not directing sound outward from their place of business and only if those systems are used for the purpose of paging. Businesses that open after October 1, 2007, will not be exempt.

The amendment also places strict limits on interior noise by prohibiting playing audio sounds that can be heard beyond one foot of an interior wall. In other words, if it can be heard more than a foot into your neighbor’s apartment, it’s too loud and against the law.

The second amendment bans the use of all-terrain vehicles and go-carts within city limits if that use is deemed a nuisance by neighbors.

Proponents of the tougher laws say the measures will improve quality of life by reducing offensive and excessive noise, not just from home sound systems but from the roaring engines of all terrain and other sport vehicles generally considered “off road,” and of “booming” car radios. Police responding to noise complaints will be backed up by the law.

Opponents of the amended ordinances voiced the opinion that the existing noise ordinance was too limited and not enforced, ergo what makes anyone think the new laws would be enforced? They also question whether the existence of these tougher laws will pit neighbor against neighbor in a variation of “sound wars” and whether police will respond effectively to what could be a deluge of complaints.

The amendments as proposed by City Councilman Bill Summers earlier this year drew heated debate. Discussion on the issue was later closed and the amendments resurfaced Thursday for a vote.

On Thursday, the City Council, after tightening up the legislation, approved the changes without further debate and with the support of a once vocal opponent, Ward 6 Councilman Marc Harris. Harris cautioned that the law should be applied to all vehicles without selectively targeting certain types of vehicles.

The laws go into effect with the signature of Mayor Johnny Piper.



  1. I am new to the Clarksville area and for the past 2 months i have had to listen to the playing of VERY loud music in my appt complex. I am a proud member of the U.S. Army and have served for over 17 years. I have called the the police on this matter and was told that it would be taken care of but of course that did not help. I have asked the person to turn the music down but we know how that turns out. It is 243am now and i am listening to the loud music right now coming from appt 14. I understand that the local police have more to worry about than my complaints but if i go over to ask again there will be a conflict that will result in a more serious problem. I live on walnut street which might not be a great part of Clarksville itself but i still deserve to have peace and quiet with the rest of the city. Understand that i am not trying to make more work for the already over worked police staff but at 300am i do not know what else to do. 120 walnut street appts is not a bad place to live. The person turns his car radio up so loud that he can hear it in his house cause it looks like he doesnt have a house stereo. Not sure what sense that makes but please take this matter to a higher level to make this person stop. Thank you for your time and again i know i am not helping but if i go over there it will end as we all know it will. Thank you.

    • Sorry Jonnile. I wouldn’t hold your breath while awaiting reinforcements from This city. Not the Police anyway. Anytime soon… It may be “fun” to “handle the situation on your own” I doubt the repercussions would balance in the end.

  2. Last 2 months I’ve called 911 over a dozen x. The police: A. Don’t want to. B. Can’t seem to find. C. Don’t rly care, because the “Noise statute only takes effect after 2200 hrs…” A.k.a… “We’ll do our best but”…. Calling repeatedly Over and Over and Over and Over and Over……… How profitless… Idk what to think about their lack of proficiency… I’m not violent I’m not doing anything wrong yet I can’t seem to find peace and quiet for long. 0800 1300 0230 2100 hrs. Maybe critics of “Turn the **** Noise Down” are correct. The old Noise Ordinance didn’t do much… Maybe the “Tougher Noise Abatement” will experience the Same rate of success as a Sieve capturing water as well. Oh… Oops… sieves…don’t rly stop water do they? Water is slightly impeded and slowed but given time it’ll “escape” anyway… Now this is Truly depressing. Having my poor ears r***d by stupid mind mushing noise. Having my 1/2 century old house’s pipes rattle and vibrate. Punished because the “projects/slums” of Clarksville are the cheapest I can afford to live. Sigh.

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