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Celestial Esscents: “Magick Mojo,” herbal teas, and a warm welcome


co-peggy.jpgSadie’s Majick Mojo.  This homemade herbal remedy has phenomenal “word of mouth” promotion, enough to make it a best seller hard to keep in stock.

Sadie’s Magick Mojo is the creation of Peggy Spencer, proprietor of a new little shop of energy,” Celestial Esscents, on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard.

co-mojo.JPGWhen Peggy’s Mom was dying, Peggy wanted her to be as comfortable as possible at home. One of problems her mother faced was that her skin was terribly itchy and hurt at the same time. She never seemed to find relief and the medicine she had did nothing.

Peggy decided she would come up with something to help her…and she did. She collected and assembled herbs, mixed them, cooked them and created a salve for her Mom, who was so amazed by the salve, she helped name it.  Hence, Sadie’s Magic Mojo.  It flies off the shelves at the new store.

“I usually can’t keep enough of it around because it sells so fast,” Peggy says of the healing salve which is marketed in little brown jars with old-looking labels that hint of the “majick” inside.  Customers tell her that as word of the salve gets around, she’ll have to consider going into “mass production.” «Read the rest of this article»

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