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Matthew Walker Health Clinic opens in North Clarksville for medical, dental care

g-medbig.gifAffordable health care, including dental care, is what the Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center is all about. Based in North Clarksville, the new facility is located at Dover Crossing at the Phillips Square building.

Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center is committed to providing primary and preventive medical and dental care. We are accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), American Dental Association (ADA), Certified FDA Mammography Facility, and the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA).

This highly-rated clinic, which opened its doors on January 2, is funded through a $1.5 million grant, and is extending itself to people of all income brackets and will serve both the insured and the uninsured with the following services:

Adult Medicine
Primary health care is provided to person’s 18 years and older in the Adult Medicine Suites. An Internal Medicine or Family Medicine physician and a Nurse Practitioner team work together to provide patients with a personal health care plan. Services of the adult medicine group include routine physicals, health maintenance, and sick visits.

Dental Care
We offer a full range of dental care services for individuals in the Clarksville area. We have an excellent dental staff. We have an array of services including dental screenings, dentures/partials, crowns, extractions, root canals, prophylaxis (teeth cleaning), etc.

OB/GYN/Family Planning
An Obstetrician, Gynecologist, Women’s Health Nurse (APN), and Perinatal Social Worker provide gynecological, prenatal, family planning and teen health services. Deliveries are arranged at area hospitals (Gateway).

Primary health care is provided to children from the time of delivery until they reach their eighteenth birthday. A certified Pediatrician with the assistance of nursing support staff work together to provide the children with a personal health care plan. Services of the pediatrics department include well-baby checks, immunizations, school physicals, and sick visits.

Social Services
The Social Worker assists the patient and/or family in securing the services that are necessary to the basic needs of living and self-growth.

Our on site multi-complex lab, is JCAHO and CLIA certified. A board certified Radiologist performs on site mammograms, ultrasounds, and X-rays in a FDA approved facility.

Our onsite pharmacy offers prescriptions at 45-50% less than traditional retail settings. We carry a wide variety of medications and accept most major prescription insurance plans.”

To schedule an appointment, call 931-648-1900. Get low prescriptions filled through Rite-aid. An agreement as been made to do it at a lower rate. A grand opening will be conducted at a later time.



  1. I read your article. Being a clarkvillian and in need of some health care(as I do not have insurance) I was pretty impressed by what this health center had to offer. I need a GYN, I called the Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center to make an appointment. They told me they do not have a GYN. My friend called and told them she needed to see a GYN and my friend has an appt. tomorrow! I called them again and they Never answer the phone! I left them a message with my name, what I needed and my phone number and have yet to hear from them. I am going to go with my friend tomorrow and talk to them in person! But I have to say my impression right now is not too high of Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center. Is it because they see people with no insurance? I have looked every where including our local health dept. for some help with my medical condition to no avail!!!!

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