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Clarksville Team Obama sets local campaign agenda

Clarksville’s Team Obama, is a local grassroots organization dedicated to supporting Barack Obama in his run for the White House. They have identified the following items as their goals for the 2008 election.

Clarksville Team Obama has the following goals:

  • Team to hold weekly meetings every Thursday evening at The New York Pizza Depot (NYPD) Restaurant, 3297 Fort Campbell Bvld.(across from Gate 3 of Fort Campbell Military Post). Meetings start at 7:00 p.m.
  • Register at least 500 new voters monthly throughout the city, county and Fort Campbell areas.

    Ex-Felony Expungements: recruit individuals to explain the necessary requirements for former felons to have their records cleared and voting rights restored.
  • Provide the following assistance to remaining states that have not had their primary: phone banking, grass roots organization setup, send volunteers to neighboring states, immediate voter registration to border states.
  • Educate community about Obama’s views on issues that relates to them personally, bring it down to a common interest. Issues relevant to us all are faith, economy, health care, Iraq War, civil rights, veteran services, education, and Homeland Security.
  • Push the following technology sites in an effort to help close the political educational gap. Most people are still not aware of how the primaries work or what the issues are both locally or on a national level.

Visit the following links below for campaign information and updates! Remember: ” Knowledge is Power!

For more information

Contact the “Clarksville Team Obama” Chairperson Bernice Benbow at BerniceBenbow@yahoo.com, or thier media agent Terry McMoore at terrymcmoore@hotmail.com.


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