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Where the elk and the bison roam …


Daytrips and Weekenders. As the summer months and the vacation/travel season approaches, we offer you, our readers, ideas for day trips and weekend excursions to places and events that can be done in a day, or maxed out over a weekend. Time and the high cost of gas fuel our efforts to find local entertainment and activities. This column will appear each Thursday through Labor Day.

Land Between the Lakes has a lot to offer, not the least of which a free roaming bison that, topping the scales at a ton (a very solid 2,000 pounds), leave no doubt as to who has the right of way on the roads in the prairie compound.

At up to 2000 pounds, adult bison can have the right of way ...

Discounting its paved road, the Elk and Bison Prairie is a step back in time to an age when these magnificent animals roamed free across the American landscape, the midwestern prairies. Though modern living and urban expansion has come perilously close to decimating native prairie landscape, many groups across the midwest are laboring intensively to save and/or restore these landscapes. It’s enviromentally sound and historically smart. «Read the rest of this article»

Councilor Doyle seeks city council support for Red Cross emergency vehicle


The City Council Finance Committee Tuesday rejected Ward 10 Councilor Jim Doyle’s request for $80,000 in municipal appropriations to assist the local Red Cross in acquiring an emergency response vehicle. The Red Cross ERV and all of its equipment was burned to rubble by an arsonist, and insurance on that older vehicle fell far short of replacement value.

Red Cross Executive Director Linda McCoy, Health and Safety Director Patricia Brown, and Emergency Services Director Cecil Stout stand before the charred ruin of the emergency response vehicle.

Since the rejection of the request must still come before the council in executive session, tonight Red Cross Executive Director Linda McCoy, Emergency Response Director Cecil Stout, and Logistics expert Mike Vogt will offer a presentation to councilors on the need for this vehicle and the impact its loss has had on the agency’s ability to effectively respond in its service area. «Read the rest of this article»

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Think Clarksville! Shop Clarksville!


Lately, the national economic news is rather bleak—there’s even been the reluctant mention of the “R” word, but how does it apply to our area? Further, what can we do about it?

According to a new U.S. Census report, the Clarksville TN-KY Metropolitan Statistical Area is now the 10th-fastest growing MSA in the nation. Even though the national news may be depressing, our local economy is in good shape. Jimmy Settle, business editor for The Leaf Chronicle, says of the recent slow down in the residential market, “It’s a temporary condition, and should be perceived as more of a correction in the market, than a troubling decline. The truth is, the economy in northern Middle Tennessee is currently one of the nation’s best.”

The other truth is the residents in Clarksville are doing more than their share when it comes to helping the economic growth for surrounding cities and counties. The numbers are quite staggering! (More on those numbers later . . .)

The entire nation is feeling the pain at the gas pump. Gas prices are at an all time high and climbing higher. We’re all thinking about how to save gas, which will then make more money available for the necessary expenses and the extras; extras like dining out, shopping for clothes and home goods, entertainment, and more. Where will we be dropping those shopping and dining dollars? «Read the rest of this article»

Wingmen plan benefit ‘Poker Run’


The Wingmen Motorcycle Club will sponsor a Poker Run On May 31 to benefit the Veterans Temporary Emergency Assistance Program, which provides financial assistance to active and retired servicemen and their dependents. Assistance is provided for basic needs including housing costs, food, utilities and medicine. VTEAP operates solely on donations and money raised through events such as this.

The run will be launched between noon and 2 p.m. from Buddies on the by-pass at Appleton’s HD, with the run ending at 6 p.m. at the Wingman Motorcycle Clubhouse at 3437 Pembroke in Oak Grove, KY. Free hamburgers and hot dogs will be served at the clubhouse. Card games and prizes are also offered. For more information, call Robert Warren at 905-0366.

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