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Barack Obama on track for Democratic nod

Now that Barack Obama has won the democratic nomination what does this mean for the country? For Clarksville-Montgomery County? Well, our city is only the home of Fort Campbell and the 101st Airborne division.

Have we forgotten that we are still at war in two foreign countries Iraq and Afghanistan? And that over 4,000 troops have died so far and over 21,000 injured in a war that has been proven to be over nothing more than oil, greed and power? While the rich get richer through billion dollar government contract deals in both of these countries the rest of us have to suffer through an economic crisis under yet another president Bush.

And in case you haven’t noticed but our local economy is suffering double jeopardy due to the deployment of over 3,000 troops from Fort Campbell to these countries, not to mention how it is affecting military family members — and the list goes on.

Plain and simple, the fight to put a Democrat in the White House to end this madness is not over, so go ahead and celebrate for just a moment. Then it’s back to business. The war and bringing the troops home safe will be one of the hot button issues of this election.

Fellow Democrats, remember the quickest way to lose this election is to keep focusing on the fact that Barack Obama is the first African American to get the nomination. As an African American, I do feel a since of pride not only in his nomination but for the progress that this country has shown in voting for him. But let’s keep in mind that no man is above the party and it’s the Democratic Party that still has to win this race for President, the Senate, Congress, state and local races.

Democrats have to come together and work for the top prize, and that includes Hilary Clinton supporters as well. It has been a long hard fought battle, and a lot has been said in the heat of battle on both sides, but in competition there usually is.

What Democrats have to do is come together in forums such as the rallies sponsored by Clarksville Team Obama, a grass roots support organization for Barack Obama. Team Obama meets every Thursday at the The New York Pizza Depot (NYPD) restaurant, 3297 Fort Campbell Bvld., across from Gate 3 of the Fort Campbell Military Post. The next meeting is June 5 at 7pm.

Again congratulations to Barack Obama but there is still work to be done within the Democratic Party if this is truly going to become the election season of Change We Can Believe In!

Visit Clarksville Team Obama’s MySpace website for more information.


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