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Gateway Medical Center transfers patients to new Dunlop Lane facility

On Saturday, June 7, Gateway Medical Center patients will be transferred from the old hospital on Madison Street to the new facility at 651 Dunlop Lane on Saturday, June 7.

Gateway’s new “waiting room”

To provide for a safe and efficient transfer of patients, incoming traffic to the new facility will be kept to a minimum in order to make the patient-move process as smooth as possible. Patient family members will be instructed on how to enter the new hospital property.

Other important changes:

The Emergency Department at the Madison Street location will permanently close at 6 a.m. on June 7.

The new Emergency Department at 651 Dunlop Lane will open at 6 a.m. on June 7.

These former off-site services will open at the new GMC on Monday, June 9:

  • Gateway Outpatient Rehabilitation
  • Business Office
  • Breast Health Center

New phone numbers effective June 7:
Main — 931-502-1000
Emergency Department — 931-502-1300
Patient Information — 931-502-1010
Breast Health Center — 931-502-1510
Business Office — 931-502-1160
Human Resources — 931-502-1016
Family Birth Center — 931-502-3300
Occupational Health — 931-502-1181
Outpatient Rehabilitation — 931-502-1400
Preregistration — 931-502-1161, 1162
Medical Records — 931-502-1961
Scheduling (outpatient testing) — 931-502-1180
Sleep Disorders Center — 931-502-4090
Volunteer Services — 931-502-1055


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