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The people to decide Democratic Party platform

Every four years, the Democratic Party assembles a “platform” that outlines the party’s position on a variety of issues. Traditionally, the platform is written by paid professionals and then presented to the American people. This year, that’s going to change.

On July 24 at the GET Some Coffee Shop 3862 Trenton Rd., starting at 7:00 p.m., Clarksville For Obama will join people all across America will hold Platform Meetings in their own communities. From Atlanta, Georgia to Muncie, Indiana, from Bangor, Maine to Eugene, Oregon, Americans will meet to talk about what issues are most important to them and what should be at the heart of the Democratic platform for change.

The results of these Platform Meetings will be incorporated into the formal process that culminates in the adoption of the platform at the Democratic Convention in August. A few participants may even be invited to appear and testify at the National Hearing and at the Convention.The public is invited to join Clarksville for Obama to work together in making government accountable to the people.

To sign up to be a part of this historical making event please visit this link below:


For more information on this event and how to get involved with Clarksville for Obama and the Barack Obama campaign please visit www.clarksvilleforobama.com


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