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Lewis Baggett withdraws from Ward 5 race

Ward 5 City Council Candidate Lewis Baggett, who launched his election campaign just two weeks ago, has withdrawn from the City Council race.

In a press statement, Baggett said ” When you see the weak participation in the August primary election it is remarkable and rewarding to see young people step into the political fray. I am very pleased to see that we have now three young people in addition to myself that stepped forward with a desire to represent Ward 5.”

He continued, “After much study and soul searching, I have decided to withdraw from the race for the open Clarksville City Council Ward 5 Seat. It is now time to for me to step aside and allow these fine young people to take their place representing this Ward, myself and my family. I have plenty of work and other interests to keep me busy so I will be pleased to sit this election out and watch as these young people embrace the future.”



  1. I am sorry to hear this. When we brought our concern about unverifiable voting machines up to the country commissioners, Mr. Baggett took up the issue and raised doubts and questions about the machines about to be voted on. When we raised the doubt in his mind, he demonstrated himself as a man of integrity. Since then the State of Tennessee has agreed with us that voting machines (our most sacred voice) need to be verifiable.

  2. I share Ms. Boen’s concerns that unverifiable voting machines need be replaced, and her regrets that Mr. Baggett, who shared our doubts, is not currently contending for public office. However, his withdrawal from the Ward 5 race increases the chance of victory for a young, progressive candiate, whom I heartily endorse, Candy Johnson.

  3. In my race for Clarksville City Council Ward 8, voters need to know, contrary to postings on The Leaf Chronicle web site, Johnny Piper and I are not connected. I am instead running on my own cutting-edge progressive platform, dedicated to making the office responsive to all residents, not just our mayor, whose accomplishments I otherwise admire.
    I am attempting to meet all voters within the ward, through meet-ups and doorbell ringing. With voter and community participation, the one-sided manner of running our local government will end.

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