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Gas hits $4.25/gal in Clarksville; demand has some stations running on empty

On the global market, gas prices are falling. Locally, they are on the rise — if you can get gas. On September 12, at 9.m., Clarksville Online staff bought gas on North Second Street where a sign on the pumps limited gas sales to 10 gallons per customer at $3.61 a gallon.  At 9 p.m. that night, gas had topped out at a high of $4.17 a gallon with the uncertainty and panic buying as Hurricane Ike raked the Gulf coast.
While oil prices dropped below $100 a barrel, local gas prices and prices across the nation either stayed put at the panic level, continued to rise, or in a few cases, “dried up.” The “out of gas” signs have begun popping up in Clarksville.

At Mapco (left) in New Providence, any gas that’s left will cost $4.25 for regular unleaded.

At the Kangaroo Mart in New Providence, an employee, Latoya, said  that her boss hadn’t raised prices; she wasn’t sure why, but they had experienced much higher than normal gas traffic as a result.

$20, which used to fill many tanks, won't go far as gas tops $4 a gallon locally.
Latoya, still smiling as she waits on customers at Kangaroo Mart

At another station, another woman, Sibohan, was filling up her car with premium gas because that was all the station had left. She said her car takes roughly $65 to fill up fully, but with prices as they are, she wasn’t doing that very often. This purchase: $20, or just under 5 gallons.Four days ago, Clarksville Online found one station off Wilma Rudolph Bolevard with a staggering $102 tally on one of its pumps.

Among the drivers feeling the pain was a woman at Krogers/Dover Road who declined to be identified but who said that her commute to Nashville required a painful two fill-ups a week.

For information on gas prices both in our area and across the state, check out gas price website.tennesseegasprices.com or http://www.tennesseegasprices.com/Clarksville/index.aspx

Here are the prices for gas around Clarksville, starting (as of midnight) sold out, to the lowest, to the painful high. More than half the stations surveyed ave topped $4 a gallon.

3.79 BP Madison St & Memorial Dr (SOLD OUT)
3.79 BP Memorial Dr & Clearview Dr (SOLD OUT)
3.79 Exxon Dover Rd (10 gal max)
3.89 Kroger 1489 Madison St
3.99 BP 2537 Wilma Rudolph Blvd & Union Hall Rd
3.99 Marathon 1230 Peachers Mill Rd & Stonecrossing Dr
3.99 BP Dover Rd
3.99 Sam’s Club HWY 79N & I-24 (members only)
3.99 Murphy USA Ft Campbell Blvd (Wal-Mart)
3.99 BP Lafayette & Ryder Ave.
3.99 Murphy USA 2309 Madison St & TN 76
4.01 Shell 1820 Ft Campbell Blvd & Hermitage Dr
4.04 BP Providence Blvd. & Locust St.
4.09 Kroger 110 Dover Crossing & Ft Campbell Blvd
4.09 Kroger 41A & Dover Rd
4.14 Dodge’s Store Ft Campbell Blvd &
4.15 Shell 2654 Wilma Rudolph Blvd & Needmore Rd
4.15 BP Cunningham Lane
4.15 BP 1599 Ft Campbell Blvd & Ashbury Rd & Cunningham Ln
4.15 Shell 3001 Fort Campbell Blvd & Tiny Town Rd
4.16 BP 1070 Riverside Dr & Edgehill Dr
4.17 BP 201 Cunningham Ln
4.17 K-Mart Express Madison St
4.19 Exxon 2198 Madison St & Golf Club Ln
4.19 BP 107 Holiday Rd & Wilma Ruldolph Blvd
4.25 Citgo Providence Blvd & Plum St.
4.25 Mapco Power St & Providence Blvd
4.25 Shell 1070 Riverside Dr & Edgehill Dr
4.25 Shell 1963 Madison St & W Meadow St
4.25 Shell 601 Hornbuckle Rd & TN-76 ( West side of Exit 11 off I-24)
4.25 Shell Needmore & Wilma Rudolph Blvd

Bill Larson
Bill Larson
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