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Gov. Bredesen endorses Tim Barnes bid for State Senate seat

District 22 candidate Atty. Tim Barnes (L) and Senate candidate Bob Tuke

Governor Phil Bredesen, Senators Thelma Harper and Beverly Marrero, Senate candidate Bob Tuke and a who’s who of state and local legislators gathered in Nashville Monday to endorse Senate District 22 candidate Tim Barnes in his election bid. Barnes will be opposed by write-in candidate and incumbent, Senator Rosalind Kurita.

Barnes lost the primary by 19 votes but that election race was voided after a hearing on election law violations by the State Democratic Executive Committee, which then ruled that the decision between both candidates would be placed in the hands of the Houston, Stewart and Montgomery County Democratic executive committees, which chose Barnes 61-4.

The late afternoon gathering included a number of endorsement speeches and a re-iteration of the platform Barnes supports, a platform he pledges will reflect “what the people of my district want. I work for them.”


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