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Silke’s “Evening with the Artists:” A warm and cozy house party

Viewing new artwork at Silke'sNot your typical house party, mind you, but a warm and cozy coffeehouse atmosphere that celebrated new artworks, friendship and great food. The viewing was fluid and inspiring as viewers discovered new delights from front to rear and back again.

Viewing the artworkSaturday evening saw Clarksville’s own Silke’s Old World Breads open for a special occasion — its bi-monthly artwork installation known as ‘An evening with the Artists.”

This evening of free-roaming art viewing and appreciation was accompanied with a buffet of Silke’s equally impressive and absolutely scrumptious food. This evening of art appreciation welcomes all art lovers. On Saturday night, that meant “standing room only.”

Winnie Bagley and Heidi HopkinsSilke’s will celebrate its’ three year anniversary in November. Along with offering the community nourishment for the body, it also offers nourishment for the spirit and the soul. That, after all, is the role of art. The range of artwork on display includes photography, mixed media, black and white drawings, paintings and all in between. Two of the artists whose works are on display are Heidi Hopkins and Winni Bagley, (photo right). Subject pieces range from images of Old World Europe, mountain ranges and slopes and lakes, to local landmarks and new ways of looking at some everyday objects that render them startling new and striking.

Silke with fresh additions for the buffet tableArt is appreciated best when it is discovered on its own, with no preconceived perceptions imposed from other’s opinions. Thus this writer won’t attempt to influence the readers’ impression of the artwork at Silke’s other than to say it is a wide array of diverse images that reach out to the viewer’s spirit. Indulge yourself and become a Silke’s arts patron in the process.

The next evening with the artists will take place in December.


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