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Clarkville for Obama rally energizes local campaigners

Clarksville for Obama and the Montgomery County Democratic Party gathered over the weekend to rally for Obama.

Sixty people gathered at the intersection of North 2nd St. and Riverside Drive to rally for the Obama/Biden election ticket

Staking out the corner of Kraft and North 2nd Street Saturday morning, some 60 campaigners chanted slogans, waved to passers by, and stumped to get the message out that Obama is their candidate of choice. To the rhythm of drum, and cheers ringing out over a speaker system, Clarkville for Obama teams moved from corner to corner over a two hour period.

The MCDP and Clarksville for Obama will gather Election Night (Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 7 p.m.), at the Riverview InnĀ  in downtown Clarksville to await election results.

Here are more images of Saturday’s event:


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